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If you can endure the first half where there is basically nothing happening other than p*rn. The second half is actually quite good. As the chapter goes on u can see that there is a meaningful story hiding behind the glamour of s*x.

The one that truly kept me going are the dialogues. They are really something. Though some things grated on my nerves n I find the story slow paced the later chapters makes up for it. 

I think the artwork is fine. Not my favored style but I like the faces and hair n costumes. 

I think it's fine for one time read n u can get some good quotes out of it too. 

PS: there is season 2 coming up in March though I'm not sure why it is having a second season. The story has already concluded at the end of chapter 60. Whatever it is, I am not likely to read it. But all the best author! Maybe it will be better than this one. 

You can ignore this part.. It's just me rambling abt my thoughts on prophecies. 

This story is along the lines of Helen if troy. "a prophecy is made where a Prince born will bring disaster so to avoid it the king orders to kill him But the one intended to kill him doesn't kill him. N the fate follows along. Like the story of Buddha. He was prophesied to either being the greatest king or a priest. In both of these stories the ppl around them doesn't even come close to think that if they had not devoid them of their original lives, had they keep living as they were going too without the prophecy hindering their future then none of the things that happened would hv happened. Maybe they would have had the life that their parents had envisioned.

Just like that, if vicar had been left alone then he would have lived a normal life.

I hv heard a lot of stories where listening to prophecy n trying to outmanuvor it always causes trouble n it becomes true. Maybe it's the ppls fault who listen to it n try to change it. Or maybe it's what truly intend to happen, so ppl get that kind of thoughts in their head to act against it which makes the prophecy come true. 

7/10 story
8.5/10 art
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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