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ReiMizuno Jan 17, 2018

Yeah, I might! But I want to wait until it's over so I don't have to wait for episodes. I've only watched an airing anime once and that was Tsurezure Children last year. 

ReiMizuno Jan 17, 2018

I plan to start something today but I'm not sure what. Any suggestions?

ReiMizuno Jan 17, 2018

I'm just watching random seasons, but I think the way you watch them is a good thing. You can see how Pretty Cure evolves over the years through each of its seasons! 

I don't have school today, it snowed! :D

ReiMizuno Jan 15, 2018

Good to hear, because I really like magic shows! It also seems to possess the fantasy, action, and shounen genres, which I also adore! 

I plan to watch Heartcatch, Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Mahou Tsukai, Kirakira, and HUGtto! I just started Happiness Charge earlier and I really love it. I only watched one episode but it's definitely awesome! 

ReiMizuno Jan 15, 2018

Which ones of those have you seen? I'd like to know your personal feedback as to whether or not they are all worth a watch!