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How To Live As A Villain[Review]

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This story is a branch off multiple genres that fuse. The story possesses some unique and original qualities and elements, and the motive of the MC is to become stronger. However, the MC is portrayed as "villain" like, although he is not really a villain. But the MC will betray whoever he deems "useless" so to survive and thrive. This quality is what separates it from other  fantasy-isekai manhwa.

Overall, the fantasy world is built pretty decently, with enough explanations and explorations of the "RPG" themed system, its mechanics, and overall important qualities to remember in the new fantasy world.


The art is somewhat decent with tones and shades of colors being utilised to a certain extent, and with sufficient linework that supports the art checklist as well.


The characters are developed to some extent and there are some background stories and experiences that are shown throughout the manhwa. The MC is completely different from other fantasy-isekai MCs, and is extremely cold and ruthless.


Overall, I recommend you should read this manhwa due to its uniqueness and its difference. The story is rather intriguing and detailed. Please comment your thoughts and other comments. If you liked "Regressor Instructional Manual", you would like this manhwa series as well.

Thanks for reading my review!

7/10 story
7/10 art
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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