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SSS Class Gacha Hunter[Review]

By Yoon Seok-jun


The story is a complete rip-off of "SSS Class Suicide Hunter". Everything, from the character design of the MC, to the environment, the side characters, the system mechanics are completely copied off "SSS Class Suicide Hunter". This whole manhwa series is a two-cent version of the original, and is a poor attempt to copy the original. 

Its an insult to the original manhw be even including "SSS" inside the title of this manhwa. An abosulute disgrace.


The art is bullshit, and completely a load of bungus. It attempts to copy "SSS Class Suicide Hunter", and fails every category. The art doesn't utilises shades and tones of colors, and the linework is so bad it makes me question whether the art is drawn by a kid. 


The characters are all similar to those in "SSS Class Suicide Hunter", with the MC being almost exactly the same. 


I absolutely do not recommend this manhwa as it is a complete rip-off of "SSS Class Suicide Hunter", from the characters, the story, and everything is copied. It is disgraceful to attempt to copy and monetise an already successfully manhwa, and its revolting the author of this manhwa copied it.

Absolutely hate this manhwa.

Thanks for reading my review.

1/10 story
1/10 art
2/10 characters
0.5/10 overall
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