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Everything started from Hamtaro anime. Then came Ghibli, Nippon Animation stuff, Pokemon, Duel Masters and so on. At the age of nine I started drawing with manga style (read as: tried to draw) and at the age of ten I actually started reading it. My first manga was, of course, Hamtaro. Then I read Happy Happy Clover and after that I fell right into the magical girl fandom by starting to reading Fairy Navigator Luna and Pichi Pichi Pitch. Then came isekai. Of course the isekai.

Nowadays? I'm still a weeb, a casual cosplayer, draw with manga style and my favorite genre is fantasy; traditional high fantasy, modern fantasy, isekai, you name it. Occasionally I enjoy a good slice of life series and some historial drama. I read more manga than watch anime, but I do enjoy anime too. I also like good visual novels, whenever I find one. And light novels, too.

Favourite anime? Hard to say but currently my top favourites are (not in any specific order)

- Fate/Zero

- Fate/Stay night UBW

- Nichijou

- Odd Taxi

- My Hero Academia

And mangas (not in any order)

- Ancient Magus' Bride

- Nichijou

- Bride's Story

- The Girl From the Other Side

- Yotsuba&

- Komi Can't Communicate


List of my comfort characters from anime, manga and games (aka characters that make me happy time after time):

- Papyrus from Undertale (he's such a cinnamon roll and I have nothing to add)

- Koshiro Daimon (aka Little Daimon) from Odd Taxi (he is just so cute and lovable little cupcake)

- Silky from Ancient Magus' Bride (who wouldn't like to have a household fairy who dresses like a Victorian lady?)

- Toyotomi Hideyoshi from Ikemen Sengoku (he's perfect husbando material)

- Sakamoto from Nichijou (his voice + he's a cat)

- Yano from Odd Taxi (the eccentric weirdo energy is strong within this man, also I have listened his character song album way too many times)

- Ralsei from Deltarune (do I even have to explain)

- Gabiru from That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (okay, don't judge me, he's funny)

- Smiley from Sherlock Hound (he's cute and that's all I have to say)

- Nyanta from Log Horizon (gotta love that Kotomine Kirei voice)

- Serara from Log Horizon (actually, Nyanta&Serara togehter, their interaction is just so wholesome)

- Kaede Otori from Komi Can't Communicate (just watch her doing anything)

- Mono Shinobino from Komi Can't Communicate (I know, "who?" you may ask, but he is way too entertaining side character.)

("Adore" is a strong word to use when talking about fictional characters. Most of the liked characters are characters I moderately enjoy, with some exceptions I really love.)



If I was a Master in Fate universe, I would like to have Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Lancer) as my Servant. He's my fave Servant in the whole Fateverse! 

If I was My Hero Academia character, my character profile would be:

Name: Airi Midorikawa

Hero name: Anima

Quirk: Shapeshifting

Likes: matcha latte


I prefer samurais over ninjas, but both are cool.

I am way too interested in old-school children animes.

I'm still wating for some studio making animes for Yotsuba& and Bride's Story. If you ask what studios, Kyoto Animation would be perfect for Yotsuba& and Ufotable for Bride's Story.

Currently deep down in the otome game rabbit hole.


If you know any good recommendations, feel free to comment! 


My Instagram, in case you're interested:


And a little update: I have now started uploading fanfics on AO3. You find me with the username AKA_Airi

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