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dnst3qface Oct 3, 2009

well i guess you can chalk it up to laziness. id rather not read the whole novel or anything else. thats too much work haha :P but i figured there was a whole never ending appeal to it. i just don't favor it that much. although i did want more creative stuff before it had to leave it right there and then. if there is another season i doubt itll be animated. just novels like you like or manga? either way i get your point.

dnst3qface Oct 3, 2009

my only problem is i am quite unsatisfied with this new season... do you think thats the point of the whole haruhi universe? for us to just make up what could or might happen? i dunno i think they could of done a much better job. makes me angry  GRRRRRRR

dnst3qface Oct 3, 2009

hey man youve seen all of the new 2009 episodes of haruhi suzumiya right? i wonder why anime planet doesnt put a "watched" option. there arent anymore episodes???