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Obey Me

Nov 20, 2020

I really thought I'd like this one a lot more than I did!  After reading the first two chapters I initially gave Obey Me a 10/10 but, having just completed that entire series, I now give it 7/10.  The story itself is intriguing enough and there is lots of psychological drama and warfare as to where I can see why one would label this as a suitable substitute for Killing Stalking alas, that's about all these two mangas share in common.  Whereas Killing Stalking rightfully ran four times as long as Obey Me as it told a gripping DEVELOPED tale, gave plausible and believable backstories as well as room for audience interpretation, Obey Me, at a mere 42 chapters, achieves absolutely none of this, in my opinion.  Unlike with Sangwoo, we never learn exactly why Gyul-Wool is so psychologically distressed or the root cause(s) of his obsessions, phobias and fetishes; and, no, the fact that he becomes an abusive stalker, kidnapper, rapist and murderer all because his mother denied him hugs as a child is completely over-the-top and unbelievable, even for a manga!  Also, why does Gyul-Wool have so much money?  Did he inherit it?  Are his parents still alive or deceased?  Did he murder them?  And that's just Gyul-Wool!  Why does Jinyoo's father just suddenly, out of the blue, become abusive?  What became of Jinyoo and his father's relationship after Jinyoo's whole ordeal?  And then there is Hayan!  The character is introduced in the third chapter and never developes into much of anything other than a fellow tortured soul (although we never learn exactly why) and love interest for Jinyoo and to add a much not needed "twist" to the story.  I could go on and on but, I'll conclude with the possibility that the reason this manga is so truncated, combined with the observation that the last three chapters took the writer a copius five months to complete, is most likely due to the fact that the author him/herself lost interest in the project.

8/10 story
10/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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