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What a wild ride. I don't even know where to really start.

I really enjoyed watching Rei, trying to live a normal life and learning how to enjoy life among the people who survived the near third impact. This was a real treat, and I really wished we got to spend more time with the cast in the other rebuild movies as we did in this movie. I really enjoyed Shinji's and Asuka's growth, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of the empty husk character, but you are and will always be an exception to the rule Rei... no matter which version it is of you.

The combat scenes were extremely fun. It does have a transformer movie feel to it at times when we're so close to the action that we're not really sure what's happening. Even though the CGI can feel out of place at times, some 'bad' CGI is on purpose which I personally really appreciated because you can tell Anno is paying tribute to the shows he grew up with as a child. Heck, the background cloth even falls down during the fight scenes to show how clumsy those old shows used to look.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed Mari. Mari is just a fun character who just does what she wants, and I also don't mind that she gets used for some good old fashion fan service. Her personality is refreshing as well, especially among all those depressing faces. As much as I do enjoy Mari, Misato Katsuragi will always be the best girl in the series. And, Gendo Ikari will always remain the worst dad in anime history, nothing will ever change that. 

I really enjoyed watching everything coming together, giving the Evangelion franchise a pretty good conclusion.

~ The end

Now we're left with 2 more questions. Is Dr. Katsuragi DNA really being used for Kaworu? And... Is this truly the ending that Anno envisioned for Evangelion? Because it seemed that he did run into the same problems he had back in 1996 and really forced himself to finish the script. So who knows, we might see another Evangelion movie in 10 years from now.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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ACrankyOldMan Apr 22, 2023

I'm posting the reply I posted to Suigintou1 here as well, since I'm sure that Suigintou1 isn't the only one who was confused about the Mari character.

Suigintou1, you're right. If Mari wasn't cloned (or was experimented on), she would have been Gendo and Yui's age. Since the Eva's can only be controlled by teens, which means that she has also been cloned. Yui is also the one who helped to bring Yui and Gendo together.

Throughout the series, there has been a joke how Shinji doesn't need a girlfriend, but how he needs a mother. Shinji simply can't be with Rei (technically a relationship with his mother) and he can't be with Asuka (they simply can't be together, a cat and dog relationship). There were only two options for Shinji, which was either to be with nobody (I would have been okay with that), or be with Mari. Since Shinji is considered a god (resetting the world, a world without eva's), Mari symbolizes the virgin Mary. She represents a fresh start and moving on, but also still represents that motherly figure that Asuka said he needed.

Originally, Mari was created to just break all the heavy tension, but they gave her a good purpose in the end.

suigintou1 Apr 15, 2023

Mari literally only exists to be a fill in. She does nothing, she just exists to be a vehicle for whatever the plot needs to go the way it needs to go. It's also heavily implied that she is a lot older than she appears, having been present when Gendou was younger. Which makes it weird to have her seemingly in a relationship with Shinji when he becomes an adult himself.