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Hello I am ACE-_-DIC3 real name being Rui born 1997

I am an avid fan of Anime and have been watching since I was 10 but really got into it in 2010 from that point on Anime became as much as a hobby for me as gaming and now I just can't get enough

First Anime : Eureka Seven

Favourite Anime : Cowboy Bebop

Favourite Genre : Action, psychological

Longest Anime : One Piece

Least Liked Genre : Eechi, harem

 Favourite Movie : Sword of the Stranger

So this is all i coulld think of if you whould like to know more leave me a comment and i will update my blog and any anime reccomendations are welcome and if you wish to know my thoughts on a anime or want reccomendations just ask



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Sianeka Apr 1, 2017

ACEDICE says...  Hello sorry for my absence and not responding it has been quite a hetic end year/ beginning. I'm sad to say that unfortunately I will not be able to continue the grettings for quite some time and may not appear on this site for long periods of time will I'm still busy trying to sort everything out.    Thanks for all care see you again another time.    Kind Regards

Thanks so much for replying.  I really was worried and wondering what happened.  I'm sorry that life has gotten so busy for you and that you have so much stuff to straighten out.  I'm hoping you are able to visit a-p and enjoy time here more often than you anticipate.

And I really hope life things smooth out for you, and that things get a bit easier for you.

Don't worry about WECO - most likely we'll still be here doing welcomes when you have gotten a handle on things again.  I'll move you to being a Supporter so you will still be in WECO, but not doing Greetings.  And you will be welcome to come back as a Greeter in the future if you find yourself with the desire and the free time to help out again. I hope you will return.

I most sincerely thank you for all the help you have given and thank you for welcoming new members!  It's been great having you as a Greeter, and I am so happy to have been able to have you in that role.  (And I hope maybe someday again in the future!)  

In the meantime, good luck with everything.  I wish you much success in your endeavors!  Thank you again for your time as a WECO Greeter!

Sianeka Mar 22, 2017

Hi!  Long time no see!  You've been on hiatus and we haven't been in touch with each other. *sad*  I'm hoping that things are going well for you.

WECO's doing well, and the site is getting lots of new members.  Summertime's coming up and the team could sure use more help.  So I'm wondering if you have time in your schedule at this time to reactivate again as an active Greeter?  WECO misses you!  You don't have to do a lot - even if you only come back one day a week (10 names takes less than 5 minutes time to greet!)  Please consider it!

If you can't do it at this time, that's fine.  But I thought there'd be no harm in asking, just in case you can.  Cause it would be so helpful to have more Greeters helping out these days.

Either way, I'd love to hear from you again and catch up on your current situation.  Please drop me a comment letting me know how things are going for you and what you've been doing. *smile*

Sianeka Feb 8, 2017

Hi!  Just checking in with you as I haven’t heard from you in a while, and you’ve missed some of your recent assignments - I sincerely hope you are ok and nothing bad has happened… the site says you haven't been here in awhile.

I've put you on Hiatus status until I hear back from you.  

If you need time away from doing greetings for a while, just let me know approximately how long you want off and I will keep you on Hiatus status until your return time.  If you wish to stop doing greetings indefinitely, I can change your status from Greeter to Supporter, and you will no longer need to worry about doing any greetings.  (Note that if you change to Supporter, it doesn't have to be permanent - you can change back to Greeter in future if you want to greet new members again. It just means that you have no plans to do any assignments anytime in the near future.)

Either way, please get back to me to confirm you are ok?

Coliha Jan 30, 2017

Inever did thank you forthe greeting a little over a year ago. I know talk about delayed reactions XD Any how Thanks. ありがとうございました。