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1234567890Ahmad Aug 10, 2020

كيف اقراء مانجا 

انا لا اعرف هل يوجد طرقة

jypsel Jul 5, 2020

That's good!  It's simultaneously wonderful and frustrating to hear that other countries are following proper protocol.  It's wonderful because it means that life will return to "normal" far faster and there will hopefully be less casualties.  It's frustrating because I wish America would just get their act together.  We already have over 100k deaths and it's not slowing down.

I haven't heard of the other two you mentioned.  When I finished 20th Century Boys, I was going to read Pluto

jypsel Jul 5, 2020

Well, America is an individualistic society so it means that in some ways we’re basically toddlers.  The amount of people who refuse to wear a mask because “it infringes on their freedom” are sickening.  Collective societies have their cons, too, but at least their actions are for the good of society. How are people treating it in India?  Is there any push back about wearing masks or taking precautions?

His most recent test came back negative – he just got the results yesterday – so that was a huge relief.

I also haven’t re-watched much anime recently.  I guess because there’s so much at our fingertips now compared to when I was a kid.  And I can’t speak to whether or not Monster is his best work as it’s his only work I’ve read, although I’m currently reading 20 th Century Boys.

jypsel Jul 4, 2020

Hi, I’m good! Kind of enjoying quarantine, lol, although it’s beginning to be lifted.  I think it shouldn’t be, though, since I’m in Florida and we’ve seen the highest number of newest cases.  We lifted the ban on beaches too early and now we’re seeing the fall out from that.  My friend also tested positive and they still had him return to work.  Our priorities are messy.

I’ve also been watching anime for a long time, but mine was pretty much watching the same thing over and over and over.  I have no idea how often I watched things like Sailor Moon or Fruits Basket or InuYasha so I kind of just settled with a number that I think is close, but on the safe side. By chance, do you have siblings? My brother and sister are both more than a decade older than me; that’s how I got into anime.

So, the only one I’ve seen that you mentioned was Monster and I love it.  It’s one of my favorite manga of all time.  I haven’t finished the anime yet but the last arc in the manga was such an interesting look at the psychology of humanity/the human condition.  Watching everyone go absolute insane due to paranoia and rumors was awesome – so well done.

jypsel Jul 2, 2020

Hey there! :)  You have seen a lot of anime!  On your way to becoming the next chii, haha! 

I was looking through your currently-watching list and I saw that you are watching Fruits Basket.  That is one of my favorite manga of all time and I've been really thrilled with the remake.  What are your opinions on it?  (It's totally fine if it's not your cup of tea!) 

And also, I'm curious because you've seen so much -- if you could only pick three anime to watch over and over for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose?