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sairaragomen Sep 17, 2020

Ohhhh I see. I saw some screenshots of the anime and I'm getting kinda curious, is it worth the watch? (cause if it is i'm definitely gonna watch it)

sairaragomen Sep 17, 2020

Thank u for the follow! 

Followed u bacc

(btw, whats the sauce of ur pfp? that waifu is ✨)

gabrielz8 Aug 21, 2020

You touched the main theme for me, world building, I didn't expect such an amazing world building like that, everything was so great! Just talking about it now, and remembering the fist season, now I want to watch the second season as well! kkk

gabrielz8 Aug 19, 2020

No problem, nice to meet you too! Ascendance of a Bookworm was a nice suprise for me, when I saw it for the first time I thought that was "just another random Anime", but it was the complete oposite, it's a great anime! I really need to watch the second season...and you're better than me, cause of all of the season I only watched kaguya-sama (been busy with the channel kk)

gabrielz8 Aug 18, 2020

Hey, thanks for the follow! So, watching/reading something good lately?