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PROFILE? BIO? What's that?

Do I even Need one?

My Fav ANIMEs-MANGAs-CHARACTERs? Like that anyone Cares!😂 Then why bother? xD!

  1. Pretty Avg Guy!🤐
  2. No Skills! No Luck! Nothing...🤐
  3. One of those Kinds u Guys address as Commoners or Normies as such!🤐
  4. One of those kinds with whom People gets bored pretty easily! Im one of those if u know what I mean.🤐

And with that I probably described myself pretty well, didn't I?

And Im quiet Open-Minded as well! u can talk to me regarding anything(but I may not have The Proper Knowledge to continue a Conversation😬) or even Criticize mee! I don't Mind...

nd What else?

Ohk I prefer to keep my Followers-Following Ratio 1:1 and... ummm...That's all! Nothing more to add or do I? 

Let me know in the Comment Section...

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66Jesgre Aug 23, 2022

Besides the fact that you hate Akatsuki, you're a fellow fan of Arifureta, SAO and Misfit of Demon King Academy, so you're someone I can get along with.

jibaku Jun 5, 2022

haha thnx vry much 🤨 thanks for all the 🤨's 


its ok that you think ur a normie, they're cool too 

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Jun 2, 2022

lmao its fine u dont have to visit mal then

ur genre is pretty good tho i love the genre choices🤠✊

tho i do get the complaints abt the ecchi scenes😔😔

im not a little kid but i cant say anything else

either way i know my share of things bc of the ✨internet✨ and my experience

so there's no need to hold back tho i appreciate ur concern🤣

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Jun 1, 2022

ok.. dont they let u view the list tho?

i thought they did srry😔😔

all i was trying to say was that i do watch anime lol

what anime do u watch?🤔

Ixhishishi Jun 1, 2022

It's just the way our education system is. 16 to 17 year olds are in class 10. We got a little late cuz of lockdown by now I would've gotten into college. My higher secondary is in 2024.