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PROFILE? BIO? What's that?

Do I even Need one?

My Fav ANIMEs-MANGAs-CHARACTERs? Like that anyone Cares!😂 Then why bother? xD!

  1. Pretty Avg Guy!🤐
  2. No Skills! No Luck! Nothing...🤐
  3. One of those Kinds u Guys address as Commoners or Normies as such!🤐
  4. One of those kinds with whom People gets bored pretty easily! Im one of those if u know what I mean.🤐

And with that I probably described myself pretty well, didn't I?

And Im quiet Open-Minded as well! u can talk to me regarding anything(but I may not have The Proper Knowledge to continue a Conversation😬) or even Criticize mee! I don't Mind...

nd What else?

Ohk I prefer to keep my Followers-Following Ratio 1:1 and... ummm...That's all! Nothing more to add or do I? 

Let me know in the Comment Section...

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AzureFraust43 Mar 24, 2023

well, I'm not native to Bengal my family moved from another state to here. And while I can understand it, speaking is another challenge for me as  I always mess it up.

I do agree with the part "what makes a Show GOOD-GREAT-BAD-WORST is all up to the individual" since I do end up liking the shows that people say are mid and the shows they say are great end up boring to me (tho it happened with only two).

Fairy tail is one of my favorite shows with an okayish plot but the most lovable cast of colorful characters. Tho some might love it and others might hate it there's really no - in-between.

o-o didn't know you didn't like re-zero but I sort of understand since three some moments which sort of rubbed me the wrong way.

Bruh what are you saying?! Kouko Kaga is quite popular among the ladies or maybe you haven't met her female fans yet tho it's not surprising since golden time is not as talked about as Toradora.

I loved Koko as a character, she was very entertaining to watch she has obsessive sides, and confident sides, she has bashful sides and you can't deny that she's the one who made the show fun to watch.

"There are absolutely no Girls like KOUKO in Real Life!"_ hmm that may or may not be true cause some fans of the show said that Kaga reminded them of their gf or ex or friend. 

AzureFraust43 Mar 21, 2023

Well recently the swordsmith arc of demon slayer got animkated and i had to to travel an hour long for train (it was released in mani square mall in vidhannagar)

But let me tell you it was mind blowing from the animation to the soundtrack to the everyone started cheering when the hashiras or the uppermoons where on the screen.Watching a good anime movie in thethres is like a ethereal moment.

And Suzume is said to be even better than Your Name so i'm really excited to see this in bigscreen.

i also like some of the favorites you chose.

!)Eren (i was a levi fan first but i switched to eren when season 4 came) also i like Hange very much.

2)Sakura ahhh(this name brought back memories from the movie) eventho it was shown that she ws gonna die since the begining it still felt pretty bittersweet

3)are you talking about Ayanokoji from clssroom of the elite if its yes then i do like him a lot as a character but he kinda freaks me out.

4)Your Name Letss goo!! (i made two of my friends watch that movie and both of them liked it so much that they decided to watch suzume in theathers)

5)ido heard rhe name of quintessntuial something triplets and watched a few edits of it (all i know is the fat that most of the favorite waifus of everyone did not get chopsen and the least expected one won) soooo.... if your waifu didn'tgot chosen you have my condolences.

6)i like the konosuba cast trio like kazuma aqua and darkness for some reason megumin is my least favorite.

7)todou from jjk (at the beginig of the episode when he was introduced i was like meh buthe quickly became my fsavorite character ) and junpei (he didn't deserved that end the opening freaking trolled me)

8)Shinobu from demon slayer is my the reason i'm bi .Like she makes me feel all different kinds of emotions.

9)pretty much the whole cast of fairy tail( the anime gets a bad rep but the charactersare the best like why are all of them so god damn likeble)

10)Beatrice from re:zero i really dislike Rem a lot altough i'm still at10 episodes so maybe my opinion might chage.

11)Also Kouko Kaga from Golden time my favoriteromance anime like seriously i wish thatanime was more popular.

woah i really wrotean entire paragraph T_T .

AzureFraust43 Mar 11, 2023

Woah you're from India too!!

It's rare to find Indian anime watchers but fret not cause the number are growing.

Like I'm so excited to see suzume in theatres.

I'm from West Bengal. Who's your favourite characters by the way !!

jibaku Jun 5, 2022

haha thnx vry much 🤨 thanks for all the 🤨's 


its ok that you think ur a normie, they're cool too 

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Jun 2, 2022

lmao its fine u dont have to visit mal then

ur genre is pretty good tho i love the genre choices🤠✊

tho i do get the complaints abt the ecchi scenes😔😔

im not a little kid but i cant say anything else

either way i know my share of things bc of the ✨internet✨ and my experience

so there's no need to hold back tho i appreciate ur concern🤣