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                                                                                        Hi everyone, welcome to my profile!

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Info about me: 

  1. watched anime for 2+ years
  2. started reading manga after year 1
  3. Grew up watching Studio Ghibli
  4. Enjoy watching animes/reading mangas/manhwas/manhuas
  5. Expanded anime experience after a few recommendations


                                                                                                                  Favorite Genres

                                                                                   romance, fantasy, drama, shoujo, comedy, adventure, action

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                                                                                                   From Top to Bottom Favorites:

                Snow White with the Red Hair/Blue Spring Ride/Clannad After Story/Made In Abyss/One-Punch Man/Fairy Tail/Yona of the Dawn                                       

                                                                             (romance, shoujo, drama, adventure, comedy, action, fantasy)









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                                                           Image result for horimiya manga cover Image result for something about us mangaRelated imageImage result for the abandoned empress cover

                                               Top: Snow White with the Red Hair/Yona of the Dawn/The World is Still Beautiful/Fairy Tail

                                                  Bottom: Horimiya/Orange Marmalade/Something About Us/The Abandned Empress









                                                                                                   Thank you for visiting!



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Evei Sep 26, 2019

Hi. I am evei. I am new here and for some reason I am unable to see the chapters. Can you please tell me from which option i can see the chapters?

JuanK1 Jul 14, 2019

where did you read kaichou wa maid sama marriage?

Criis22 Jul 11, 2019

Its a wear question but i new in this page and i dont know how to start reading childe and sweet wife... i can find a button where i can see the charpers... can you be so kind and tell me how to do it 

MateusCarvalho590 May 3, 2019


If you want to see the next chapters unlocked, you will have to register your credit card, because it has prices to let you read online for money.

faces Mar 5, 2019

Ok, But i don't think that i'll read it cuz it's raw but Thank you anyways .