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Glitterz Oct 5, 2021

Hi, that's totally fine!

I honestly forgot to think about the time difference when playing this weekend😅 Did you see the live online-concert? It was really cool!

Good luck with getting Hu Tao🍀

(She also has a redemption code)

Glitterz Sep 19, 2021

Yay, I saw your friendrequest!

I hope we can play together soon, but ofcourse take your time :)

I'm happy that it worked out this way😊

Glitterz Sep 5, 2021

Ahh, haha (I heard Paimon saying in my head: "What a bummer!")

I also think it's because of the server. I see that you're from America and I'm from Europe, so that would make sense.

Too bad though! Would have loved gaming together :,-)

I do like that I finally got to know someone who also plays the game, so if something cool happens: keep me updated😊

Glitterz Sep 5, 2021

Hi, I'm sorry for responding late.

I'm happy to hear you're doing well :)

I've actually been playing Genshin Impact a lot recently, so I would love to be friends!

My UID: 717954877

Have a great day✨

Glitterz Jul 24, 2021

Hi, I stumbled across your profile and was wondering if you were still alive on this planet.

Also: I see that you've obtained Jean in Genshin (^^)

I hope you have a nice day🌸