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I say this is one of the best shonen isekai anime ever. Normally, the MC would just go around collecting women and forming a harem but this MC sticks to one woman. Yes there is mentions of polygamy but he has never once flirted with any other woman apart from his fiancee. He is also very logical. He knows that there are some things you can't do and he doesn't strive to save everyone even though he wants to because he knows that you can't win em all. 

I also like how he is not very OP. Any other isekaid MC would be drowning in OP stats but he has one power and even though it's not that amazing in battle, it's tailored to his needs. His decisions are purely based on the betterment of the kingdom whilst using realistic views and not just hoping things would fa,, into place. He's no Light Yagami but he's very smart in his own way. I'd say that even though I'd never rewatch this anime once I've finished it, it's probably one of the best isekai anime in the ranks. I give it 5 stars. 

Best thing of all is that even though there are women with big assets, so far they have not sexualised any of the girls. Yup, you heard me. No cringe hot spring episode yet and no women with bouncy badonkadonks when they run. And the women are even clothed! Which means that they're not wearing unrealistic short skirts but baggy pants and uniforms that don't accentuate their chests. I say that's a big improvement from the other isekai. Even the girls don't straight up fall in love with him, they just deeply respect him while also maintaining boundaries.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Raxynus Jan 17, 2023

I was thinking the same and didn't even realize I had finished Pt 1 already! I do wish other anime in this ganra were more like this. Ah well, one can dream.

ReviewBonfire Mar 3, 2022

Did you just put 10/10 Animation on one of the worst Animated shows?