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I am 24, like animation (all sorts of it) and work with CGI. Since both my hobby and work are somewhat related I ingest all sorts of anime I can get my hands on and generally am not confined by genre.

I tend to like all of the stuff that is done with passion (I completely avoid "blockbuster" crap like it's the plague) so this also makes me watch (and re watch) many things most people would find not "indy" enough to be considered good, despite this fact I also love art and experimental stuff, I just need a few moments every now and then of pure "fan service" to keep my mind in check, If I can gather both aspects on the same show all the better.

That said I am also very critical with most of the stuff I watch (I do this for a living so nit-picking actually makes my work better) so whenever you are reading a review / post coming from me you might want to take it with a cup of sugar, because even If I am saying that the art direction of XX show is off, or the fluidity is terrible, I can still like it very much because of the sum of the parts.

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