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Jan 23, 2019

Story: Pretty shite compared to others if you ask me. The thing had a story line but that was about it, nothing about makes any sense!? The authors didn't even make an attempt to make things realistic. Sure, they tried to deliver a message in the end, but definitely not in the right way.

Art: If anything was to make up for this shite, it'll be the art. That's all I'll say for art, it's pretty obvious how good this is just reading one chapter of it. Shame that such good art gets fucked over with a shitty everything else.

Characters: Ok I can rant here for days if I could. But people who read this would agree with me about the WTF? I know nobody's perfect but this is crossing the line when it comes to shitty characters. MC is a complete cunt (I know this is fictional but come on he's a cunt (and he doesn't even realise it)). No one in this story makes any damn logical decisions. Everyone just fucks and thinks essentially. Everyone is so cold-hearted and stupid and none of them behave like a normal human (especially that Ah-Ju girl, like who TF does what she does?).

Overall, this is just a crappy story about a guy's experience from transforming from a nerd to a playboy. Pretty nice wank material overall if you have no life like me, but most of it just makes no sense when you think about. If you've really ran out of shit to read, this wouldn't be too terrible. If you're any normal person wanting to read quality stuff stay away from this.

Quick rant with spoiler alert:

MC you're a legit cunt. You should've just stayed a nerd like you were at the beginning, why did you bother changing things that shouldn't have been changed? Do you know how many people's lives you fucked up because of your penis and brain? I've been ranting through the screen at you just for your shitty thoughts and behaviours. You're a hypocritical cunt too, always calling other people bastards when you're the biggest scum out of all of them. You promised to be loyal to your GF but there you are going around fucking LITERALLY EVERY FEMALE CHARACTER of the story?!?! Also, is temptation that hard to control? I mean many of the times you tried to fuck people would be considered rape because drugging people with alcohol is you're good for I guess. At the end, you thought you made a change for the better, as if you're just gonna ignore all the dirty shit that you've done in the past. I also wouldn't think it's exactly "true love" if you're gonna end up going out with girl with the hugest tits. 

Quick message to author(s):

You probably won't see/understand what I'm saying, but please make your characters make logical decisions please. I mean who TF bangs every other girl right after officially dating someone? And that Aju, if only people like her existed...

4/10 story
8/10 art
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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