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Cute girls being cute, doing cute things. This sums up A Place Further Than the Universe. There's nothing wrong with that, and I'm not one bit sorry I watched this anime, but I don't understand all the love it has gotten.

Some very minor spoilers will follow.

There are so many plot holes, my enjoyment of the show was impacted. For instance, right off the bat we see that one of the girls has saved a million yen to help pay for the cost of the trip. However, inexplicably, she hasn't spent any of it by the end - not even to pay for a plane ticket.

The girls are ostensibly in high school, approximately 16 years old, but 80% of the time their personality is more along the lines of 13. I guess they needed to be in high school to make the trip, but maybe they would be cuter and doing cuter things if they were younger?

One of the girls makes the plan to go to Antarctica, and the day is getting closer and closer and closer, but she hasn't told her parents. Huh? Why even put that in the show??

When they're already on the ship sailing from Australia, they learn that everyone jogs around the ship of deck to stay in shape because stamina is important  -- it could actually save your life in the harsh conditions on that continent. Of course, there's no way to get into shape in the relatively short time it was going to take to arrive at their destination. So, if stamina could be a matter of life or death, wouldn't it have made sense to tell the girls to start training well before the trip was scheduled?

There was so much of this nonsense. I know that the "feel good" nature of the show doesn't stand or fall on how illogical it is, but these issues eventually become too annoying to ignore.

Anyway, you won't kick yourself for watching this show. In fact, if you're willing to let logic occasionally slip away while you watch it, you'll like it quite a bit.

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