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I couldn't keep watching this beyond 3 episodes. The problems begin with the animation. Now, normally the quality of animation doesn't factor into whether I like an anime or not, but occasionally it does, and this was one of those occasions. It looks like it was made in the 1980's, but loooow budget 1980's. A typical Scooby-Doo episode looks better than this.

Speaking of Scooby - watching Birdy reminded me of watching cartoons on Saturday morning when I was a kid. Not that a show at that level is necessarily unfit for an adult, because I watch some of them with my son and enjoy them. But they belong in their own particular world, and it isn't the grown-up sort of anime world.

When my son can read well enough to watch an anime with subs, I'm sure both of us will have fun watching this show. Until then, it's a hard pass.

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