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I'm not going to write a full review because first, I'm not a good writer and second, I don't want to spend anymore time with this anime than I must. I'm only writing this brief warning because I don't want you to lose 85 minutes of your life that could be spent watching something better. Just pick any anime at random and it'll be better.

This was atrocious. The only thing enjoyable was that you get to see Goblin Slayer and the rest of the crew again, but the movie is so bad I want to purge it from my memory so that it doesn't stain the series.

As an example of the ridiculousness: a red light shines from the darkened, recessed area of his helmet, at the left eye. We can assume it's from the eye itself, but the helmet is on so we aren't 100%. No telling where the glowing red came from. It looks kinda cool and makes him seem badass (which it does), so I guess they figured wtf, let's just throw it in there.

Another example: he and 2 girls (the priestess and the girl they went to save) are running from a mob of goblins along a castle wall. He's killing the goblins in front and the girls are doing their best not to get killed by dozens from the rear. The goblins are neck and neck with the girls. When they run as far as they can go, the 3 of them stop and the goblins that had been chasing them are just . . . not there anymore.

There was too much of this sloppy writing for me to enjoy the movie.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
1/10 overall

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Shampoliny Aug 2, 2020

Nah dude, have you seen the shity anime that are out their? if u pick at rdm ur gona get blind or loose braincells.

The red eye has been in their since season 1, and i belive its just a metaphor for bloodlust. 

but i agree, it was clumsy, and some of the scenes didnt make sense, i belive they cut alot out due to time/budget. 
but its not an 1 out of 10 rate, and it was still enjoyable 

(sorry for any misspelings or wrong grammars)