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There are some light spoilers to follow.

Regardless of the tags for this anime, it's primarily a comedy. In virtually every episode I laughed loud enough to scare my dog at least once. The situation the demons are placed in is ridiculous as well. Satan is flipping burgers and aspires to be a manager one day, Lucifer is a neet, and Satan's master strategist, the demon Alciel, is essentially a housewife.

I've read many reviews with poor ratings because there should be no forgiving a monster like Satan even if he becomes a good human. Of course that's correct, but that's not what this show was about. The fact that he was Satan but in this world had become a hard worker at MgRonalds, hoping to make manager and who was kind to everyone around him, is preposterous - and that's why it's funny in so many ways.

The first tag is "Action". That's misleading. While there is some action, it's very little. This is a SoL comedy, with fantasy as the background.

You're reading this and other reviews because you want to know if it's worth watching. If you're on the fence, you can easily find out for yourself in 22 minutes. If you like the first episode you'll like the entire series, and vice versa.

Finally, don't watch this on Netflix -- their sub is horrible. There was one scene where two people were "flying" from one world to another, having a conversation for at least half a minute. Netflix didn't sub a single word of it. No joke, not one word.

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9/10 overall
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