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Hello to my fellow anime fans!

My journey began when I was 15 with the wonderful anime Noragami. Since then, I've dived into all sorts of different genres and expanded into manga and live-action dramas from all over eastern Asia. For me, anime was a gateway into the language and culture of Japan, and, by extension, of South Korea and China. I'm currently studying linguistic anthropology at my university, with an emphasis on East Asia. Without anime, I never would have been exposed to the languages and cultures I have come to love. I know that was sappy, but moral of the story? Watching anime is not always a waste of time :D

Anyways, onwards to the good stuff! 

My current all-time favorite animes (excluding movies)

My Hero Academia, Yona of the Dawn, Terror In Resonance, Demon SlayerDororo (2019)

I love the psychological, action, and romance genres the most, with sports anime coming in close. I will have to dedicate an entire section to that genre, though; there's just too many to choose from! I will also admit that I have a bit of an obsession with My Hero Academia... I own way too many figurines. My dorm is full of them. Oh, and the manga is taking over my shelves.

Honorable mentions: Code Geass, Vinland SagaAttack on Titan Season 3, Mo Dao Zu Shi (Anime and live-action only)

My current all-time favorite sports anime


Free! Dive to the Future, Haikyu!!, Yuri!!! On Ice, Tsurune

My least favorite genres are ecchi, yaoi, and yuri, and their closely associated genres (in other words, excessive fan service and over-sexualization of characters). I'm rather picky about content in my anime, and those genres contain everything that I want to stay away from. If I'm being honest, most fanservice drives me up a wall. There are very few animes that I actually enjoy it in (cough, cough, Free!).

My current all-time favorite anime movies 

A Silent Voice, Howl's Moving Castle, Ride Your Wave, Sword of the Stranger, Promare, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

Now, onwards to the manga! I will admit that I am a bit of a comic book and webtoon addict and an absolute sucker for romcoms. So please, if you know of any good ones, please share them with me!

My current all-time favorite manga

Takane and Hana, The World Is Still Beautiful, Immortal Rain, My Hero Academia

My current all-time favorite webtoons

Light and Shadow, The Girl and the Geek, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?, Solo Leveling

 I'm always looking for new anime (both series and movies) to watch, so please comment on your favorites down below! The same goes for manga and webtoons! I love a good discussion, so please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to make more friends on this site; you all are an awesome community that I am proud to be a part of. If you follow me, I will try and follow you back as soon as I can!

Update (as of 08/22/2020): College classes are now in full swing and I'm working three jobs, so I'm sorry if I don't respond to your comments right away. I promise I will get back to you eventually, even if it takes me a while! (‐^▽^‐)



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CherCherry Jul 15, 2022

Oh lord, sorry for the late respons as well. I also haven't been here in a while, school, studies and stuff (sigh) I just finished my midterms. I loved the series too, the dragons are all so precious lol. There's a new season upcoming I think 👀

I myself haven't watched many shows recently, as it was quite hectic for me. But it's summer vacation and I did watch a series. If you like slice of life, you can check out 'kimi to boku'. It starts off a bit boring but it gets better^^ 

Also, I'm so jealous T-T. No homework? It sounds like a dream. I'm already a senior and gonna sit for the secondery school completion exam next year, I'm drowning in assignemnts and practicals. School's starting this week and idek where to start 🤧

CherCherry Mar 15, 2022

hayyy now that i noticed it's one of the four dragons right?! the blue dragon from akatsuki no yona? i watched the series only recently!

how've you been doing btw? watched anything interesting lately? how's life? 

Yukiimaru Jul 30, 2021

Hi, I would like to recommend you some Mangas for you to read!

1. I shall master this family/I'll be the Matriarch in this life, is a pretty good, it's  action and kind of romance.

2. Slam Dunk, I would recommend it for you if you like basketball.. and it's action!  

3. Jujutsu kaisen.

If you want more..feel free to ask! 

Nathox Jul 13, 2021


It's me! (I say as I am definetly a person you know...)

I'm your 100th follower, so I wanted to congratulate you on a hundred followers✨ and just say that I really liked your bio :)

You cannot believe how happy i was when i saw that you have disliked Dino and liked Ash (from Banana fish, of which i may be a fan). I just checked what you have rated it and it says that you're on the 3rd episode, dunno when you'll be able to finish it, but I hope that it'll give you as many moodswings and as much of joy it gave me!


100 Followers! YAY!

Neveresta Apr 9, 2021

Hi! Thanks for following me back! I really like the way your bio looks. :)

Also, I did the same! One of the first animes I ever watched was Noragami, and I love that and also Yona of the Dawn. (Terror in Resonance and Sword of the Stranger was amazing too)

And I like that you have Shin-ah as your pfp. He's my favorite AnY character. Wbu?

Have a wonderful day!