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I started watching anime when I discovered Fullmetal Alchemist while casually browsing through Netflix. That was in grade 11, and I've loved it ever since. It makes me laugh, cry and rant more than anything else, and reminds me to always keep a youthful spirit no matter how old I get. I've changed a lot over the years, but if there's one thing I want to always keep doing, it's watching anime.

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty picky about what I watch and generally don't finish animes that fail to hold my interest. I prefer to drop an anime than force myself to watch something I dislike. My rating scale reflects this:

5 - Best of the best

4.5 - Great

4 - Good

3.5 - Watchable. Generally, I drop everything lower than this

3 - Almost watchable. I like what these anime are trying to do but think their execution is poor. Usually the problem is poor pacing

2.5 - Pretty bad. I don't use this rating anymore since it's hard to differentiate between a 2.5 and a 2

2 - Bad

1.5 - Really bad. Also no longer used

1 - Terrible

0.5 - So bad it destroys my faith in humanity. Usually a shameless power fantasy with excessive fan service and poor pacing

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CptMysticStirling Oct 2, 2020

Yeah, kept hearing Made in Abyss is awesome, but for the most part, it was probably for in line for moe fans (maybe)? Then again, later on, moe fans might have been traumatized more than any viewer xD And yes, as someone who love mystery, that was the main driving force into watching this, but the mysteries being unveiled did not add much to the story. Ahh well...

Need to finish Oregairu, then might move on to From the New World.Was about to suggest you Welcome to NHK, but you have already watched so that is brilliant to hear! But it does make Mystic want to ask if there are more similar to Welcome to NHK too? Nothing else really comes into mind atm other than Death Parade which Mystic cannot stress enough how much he praises it (^o^)

Best wishes,
Cpt. Mystic~Stirling ;P

CptMysticStirling Sep 26, 2020

Just watched Made in Abyss. You can see Mystic's feedback on the discussion. TL;DR: Was bored for the most part and only became invested by E13 with Mitty. If 13 was a stand alone or a movie, Mystic, without a doubt, would rate it 4.5 or higher! Am not really a moe fan. In any case, world building and music are its strongpoints. Some other worthy characters too. Mystic really just think some portrayals were weak or were not empahsized properly. But yeah, it was alright. Gave it a 4. Might pursue From the New World after! Was already tipped it would be a slow paced one. Am fine with them as long as these slow paced episodes are eventful - tension, uncertainty, unraveling, etc. Hope it does not disappoint!

CptMysticStirling Sep 19, 2020

"Hey, saw your message. I don't really have a favourite genre but I generally like either serious, story-focused shows or comedies. Also a fan of philosophical shows too. With that said, I recommend From the New World. It's one of my favourites and is just incredibly creative and emotionally powerful. 

I've seen Death Parade and enjoyed it alot. The stories of the people in it are quite moving. Also has an amazing opening theme."

Am alive now xD Been busy with real life. From the New World already sounds awesome and love the post apocalyptic! Have yet to Watch Made in the Abyss - well, got spoiled of a s2 moment that made Mystic cry even without context. It was just too traumatic even without context - but for it be reccomended, can already tell how much Mystic's brain will get worked up on this! Thanks for the recommendation! Will be sure to update you if Mystic has watched it... If he even comes back here again... Been known to reply late for being busy. Like seriously... 2 month delay for this one xD

CptMysticStirling Jul 31, 2020

Am a very inactive person. Forgot to follow you assuming you have followed Mystic for awhile now.

In any case, what is your favorite genre? maybe you and Mystic can share some. Mystic loves Comedy, GL, and stories debating philosophically about a certain aspect of the world. With that in mind, Mystic would like to reccomend Death Parade where even death itself can be unfair.

sageleearrow Jul 30, 2019

hey would u like to be friends?