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I started watching anime when I discovered Fullmetal Alchemist while casually browsing through Netflix. That was in grade 11, and I've loved it ever since. It makes me laugh, cry and rant more than anything else, and reminds me to always keep a youthful spirit no matter how old I get. I've changed a lot over the years, but if there's one thing I want to always keep doing, it's watching anime.

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty picky about what I watch and generally don't finish animes that fail to hold my interest. I prefer to drop an anime than force myself to watch something I dislike. My rating scale reflects this:

5 - Best of the best

4.5 - Great

4 - Good

3.5 - Watchable. Generally, I drop everything lower than this

3 - Almost watchable. I like what these anime are trying to do but think their execution is poor. Usually the problem is poor pacing

2.5 - Pretty bad. I don't use this rating anymore since it's hard to differentiate between a 2.5 and a 2

2 - Bad

1.5 - Really bad. Also no longer used

1 - Terrible

0.5 - So bad it destroys my faith in humanity. Usually a shameless power fantasy with excessive fan service and poor pacing

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RvLohengramm May 8, 2021

Hi there

I watched first season of Noragami, wich it was good,  it had some good jokes, is about spirits and japanese gods, and some combat action in mordern Japan.


Then I watched The Good Witch of the west, the MC is a girl and there is a love triangle and drama between an astronomic student, a knight and the girl. It has good plot, the mc becomes a sword fighter, the only 2 flaws are well, some designs of certain chapter and the end wich was rushed, it was like is chapter 13 there was a lot of plot elements and they needed to finish it all in 1 chapter. But the story in general and lore was very good. there are some unicorns and dragons with very good design.


and finally I am watching the first season of The Story of Saiunkoku wich is the story of the MC is a girl, there is a love triangle between the best friend of the girl and the emperor itself. The story goes around China being organiced in Provinces, and there is a lot of focus on administration. Is comedy and drama, it has a great plot, the pacing is slow but the story is very well builded and they move foward in a very clever way and also does a great use of flashbacks. It remembers me Kingdoms, but with more political- conspiracy tension and less pure raw combat. They use a lot of ancient chinese string music. The anime does good use of unespected situations.


Until next time.

RvLohengramm Apr 23, 2021

Hi there,

I see you watched the first 4 caps of Kingdoms  3, is it good? I am not watching it because I always wait till the anime finish (I dont like a cliffhanger end and not be able to watch next chapter or even have to digest fillers caps).

Speaking of filler caps I finished Naruto shippuden (I didnt watch most of the episodes complete, I can watch an episode in 1 min, I skip many parts). very dissapointing, I didnt like the Ninja war, Kabuto was horrible Overpowered, Akatsuki was in the end bad. But there is a good thing to point in episode 400 or around, wich were filler caps, as flasback the second chunning exam for Sakura while Narauto was training with Jiraiya. That was a good nice plotted arc that gave a good nostalgic revival of what it was the first chunning exam when naruto was new and interesting.

I also watched ID Invaded, is a 13 episode anime, ending was a bit so-so but chapters 4-5-6-7 were very fun, they hooked me. Is an organization that pursuit serial murderes, and they have a machine to get inside the mind. it is very similar to Inception the movie with Leonardo Di-caprio,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inception


And I watched all Danganronpa animations. I see you saw season 1, season 3 is much better, characters have better story and interactions, and everything is more deep, and animations are more heavy (future arc use red blood, despair arc still use pink). In fact I think the problem of season 1 is it was rushed 13 caps was perhaps few. Danganronpa 3 future arc continues the story of the season 1 and despair arc is the past of season 1.



To watch Danganronpa 3 is necesary to read a little Danganronpa 2 the game plot on wikia, and maybe watch some cutscenes of the game on youtube. And Danganronpa 3 arc is designed to watch 1 ep of Future- 1 ep of Despair and so on.... They are ment to be watched both at the same time because they are the same characters in diferent times future-past, that was a cool thing actually and helps to inmerse in the plot.

Now I am watching Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, first season.I see you rate it 4/5, I dont remember much the first and original  Fate, but seems a nice remaster version, first chapter and  Emiya wasted a spell to order Saber to stop, cool.

See ya.

RvLohengramm Apr 3, 2021

Hi again.

I think Legend of the galactic heroes is the only anime (that I know), that could pull more than 100 caps with not giving a "filling chapters taste", is like history naturally moves foward, and fast, Iserlohn fortress capture,Free planet alliance failure expedition, Empire civil war, Free planet alliance coup d eta, Reinhard conquers Phezzan, Reinhard conquers Free Planet Alliance, Iserlohn is isolated, Reuental figths against Reinhard. The earth cultist.

I am watching Naruto Shippuden, I see you stalled in 320, what I do is watch a chapter in 4 mins, I skip parts a lot, after seeing many animes of 13-24 chapters, I noticed that Naruto pacing feels very slow.

I finished Kingdoms 1 and 2. I am not watching Kingdoms 3 because I dont like to wait for chapters. (I used to wait 40 chapters of Naruto shippuden, once per week, boring, I dropped then, and read the manga, then I dropped the manga). I like kingdoms divide in seasons instead of pack everything, that helps watching.

I dont read mang because I lack the time to do it, and I like more anime because I like music. Like classic music in Legend of the galactic heroes or jazz in Cowboy bebop.

I recently saw Horimiya, is like You and Me (I didnt saw You and Me) is comedy, romance, life in school.

"Looking forward to chatting with you and hope you enjoy your time here. "

Same feeling here, thanks

Until next time

RvLohengramm Mar 31, 2021

Hello there, I am Martin, nice to meet you.

Wow you saw A LOT of anime and I see you like many anime I also saw.

Your avatar is Xin from Kingdoms, nice I like Kingdoms, combat episodes were very fun. And one of the few animes with no magic at all.

I also like Heroic legend of Arsland because it has few magic, and a lot of fair combat.

Vinland saga ending I liked it, , the last chapter was setting everything for a 2nd season, and then Askelad said, to hell no second season, very unespected,

I saw Fate Zero: first season was a bit boring, only assasin died and fast, all the good stuff is packed in season two.

You liked Monte Cristo Count, now thats culture. I like the animation was very original, the robes with moving draws.

Legend of the Galactic heroes: well I choose my name RvLohengramm for a reason :), good to see you saw it, not many people watch that, to old and long. the movies and ovas are also very good.

I also watched the remasterization they are going to pack the original 110 episode story in a remaster version in 75 episodes.


I see you like Hellsing, I saw the 13 episodes of 2001, but I didnt watch more from that saga. I know I should.

well if you ever want to talk about anime, movies, music, feel free to post in my profile.

Keep in touch.

CptMysticStirling Oct 2, 2020

Yeah, kept hearing Made in Abyss is awesome, but for the most part, it was probably for in line for moe fans (maybe)? Then again, later on, moe fans might have been traumatized more than any viewer xD And yes, as someone who love mystery, that was the main driving force into watching this, but the mysteries being unveiled did not add much to the story. Ahh well...

Need to finish Oregairu, then might move on to From the New World.Was about to suggest you Welcome to NHK, but you have already watched so that is brilliant to hear! But it does make Mystic want to ask if there are more similar to Welcome to NHK too? Nothing else really comes into mind atm other than Death Parade which Mystic cannot stress enough how much he praises it (^o^)

Best wishes,
Cpt. Mystic~Stirling ;P