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Carreau Sep 3, 2017

In all honesty I assumed her voice was annoying and super distinct specifically because she had a small part so it would make her character stand out during the first half where she is limited to phone calls with Aoba and very little actual visual screen time. But the bigger issue I had was that once she became a debugger she was in at least one of each episodes arcs which would take up anywhere from a third to half of an episode. Which directly took away screen time from the other characters who were all so much more interesting and didn't seem out of place. When she gets yelled at by Umiko asking if she was there for work or playing around its like we know your only there to play around. Even though it was cute when her and Aoba both said the same things about worrying about each other it seems retarded from the outside because Aoba is a functioning member of society even as a fresh new hire in a new industry and doesn't seem like she would have issues making friends or fitting in where as Nene is like a walking screaming autist with no situational awareness.

I don't even know if I'm going to watch the second season because she is listed as a secondary character there as well. I didn't even hate her pre-debugger. She seemed like a solid friend despite being a little annoying. I just wish they kept her there or drastically cut down her screen time and kept her a side character like Shirobako did with Tarou, another equally annoying and incompetent person.

Stepladder Sep 15, 2014

Welcome to A-P, hope you have fun here!