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Me! Me! Me!

Sep 8, 2019

Now, the only way to know the whole story is to watch the other song: Daiko girl. I'm gonna call Meme Daiko instead. In the song Girl, Daiko was a God who enjoyed tainting things and making things cute (in a wired way), she lived in a different world filled with water, with a cute black cat, she got bored and made the cat into a dol for "fun". She then grew tired of her world of water and decided to go to eath. When she landed on Earth time froze time, so that she could entertain herself without the hassle of people panicking and screaming. She turned people into walking flower heads and made a giant "life" tree for fun. When she finished she faced a couple, Syu and Hana holding hands in love watching everything and not scared because they have each other. She then realized something she didn't have or can make, Love. So, she decided to steal theirs, taint love into something evil. Now in Me!Me!Me! you can see the Syu doesn't look very happy anymore in the beginning and is absorbed into the "Otaku lifestyle". Daiko, of course, took advantage of that and transformed into something she could love and stole Syu from Hana and won't let him go. She wants him miserable but not able to let Daiko go. In the video, you can see Hana trying to win Syu back because she still loves him and Syu wants her back too, but Daiko won't let him. So, it's now just a cycle of him trying to leave and go with Hana, failing and getting killed, being brought to life by Daiko, fighting back, loosing, and eventually giving up and stay with Daiko as seen at the end. Eventually, Daiko will get bored kill him for good and finding something else to do.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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