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A clueless uke.

Top 25 Anime (as of Oct 1, 2013)

1. Free!
2. Blast of Tempest
3. Phi Brain Puzzle of God
4. Guilty Crown
5. K
6. This Boy Can Fight Aliens
7. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
8. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of The East
9. Cardfight!! Vanguard
10. Durarara!!
11. Star Driver
12. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
13. Karneval
14. Tsuritama
15. No. 6
16. Fafner of the Blue Sky
17. Sacred Seven
18. Kuroko's Basketball
19. Sket Dance
20. Death Note
21. Naruto
22. Neon Genesis Evangelion
23. Makai Ouji:Devils and Realist
24. Scryed
25. Angel Beats

Top 10 Manga (As of Feb 23, 2013)
1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
2. Super Lovers
3. Spiral The Bonds of Reasoning
4. Naruto
5. Hunter x Hunter
6. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
7. Tegami Bachi Letter Bee
8. Fairy Tail
9. Mousou Elektal
10. World Trigger

Top 10 Manga in 2012
1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Tsuna is overall probably my favorite Shonen protagonist, sometimes reminds me of me and I enjoy his friends, their support of him, and just overall the mix of it in the action. He grew substantially and the plot was quite good. Still miss it to this day. Miss my hyper trio, vongola primo, and the smokin bomb the most.

2. Haikyuu!! - Excellent cast and character designs and probably the best sports series available. Volleyball has never been so exciting, and though there arent special attacks or things of that nature, character interactions, teamwork, overcoming their weaknesses, and just really appealing characters make it enjoyable each chapter. Kageyama, Hinata, Tsuki, Kenma, best characters. Now if we can get a good tournmanet etc games this year.

3. Mousou Elektel - Love between best friends and good art, perfect story for that as well as how naive or perhaps new to things Shunpei is and how good of a best friend he is for Fumi. So many comedy moments and even emotional ones.

4. Super Lovers - Love between brothers, and an overprotective brother that bends protection into love and the younger one craving it and mixed with feelings about it. Good story following their lives and their other brothers. Ren is really good, and Haru too, really really memorable. Wish it'd get licensed.

5. Fairy Tail - Still the best shonen action series in the genre. Mashima knows exactly what we want in stories and ensures that we dont get disappointed. Sure he may get crazy on the fanservice at times, but at least theirs Gray Fullbuster to at least keep me interested. Natsu has the best attacks and gave the best friendship speech of the year in 2012 and the story has been its highest. Natsu's bring it panel with the flames on his hands making the outline and the dragonslayer v dragonslayer fight was probably its best moment ever.

6. Tegami Bachi Letter Bee Although Im not versed in the artes, I would put Tegami Bachi as having the best balance between art, character designs, and adventure. While other adventure series waste time on events and characters we dont care about tackling numerous and too many moments in a single chapter yielding an overall boring story and wasted potential, Letter Bee focused on a smaller set of events yet more intriguing entities, a deep and robust world, and wonderful good characters. Its one of the manga that Im so glad to buy each volume for and read swiftly as we go through those adventures of Lag Seeing, Gauche Suede, Jiggy Pepper, Zazie, Conner, and more in Ambergrounds to explore Reverse, the Man who couldn't become spirit, and the sun powering their lands. If one doesn't mind cry babies...then its really good and worth reading.

7. Konya mo Nemurenai - Hilarious and one of the manga I look forward to reading each month, who knew that a guy who uses a dating site would end up summoning a spirit with his private parts when cornered in some adult video film shot thing, and end up on a long quest to find love in perhaps friends, or even him, Endou.. Not to mention Endou, the one he summoned, is engaged to someone else whose out to get him back. Really funny and good and like where it goes.

8. Junketsu Drop - Rivals become lovers and the first time for both with a touch of jealousy in the plot, really good and memorable story for both and had really good art. Really like the art and the characters.

9. Star Like Words Sex loving main character that sleeps around alot but starts to fall in love with someone, really good and has good art cause JUNKO never makes anything bad, always a favorite.

10. Rutta to Kodama - Roommates become lovers and nearly opposites, tough guy and normal cute guy of sorts and a quest to understand each others feelings better through school years. Really was good and of good length three volumes, and had excellent art.



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I adore these characters


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