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XxZeroeZxX Jul 16, 2015

Same thing w/ anime that hav really exceptional animation quality

Like When Marnie was there I was just gaping at the animation half the time O_O lol

XxZeroeZxX Jul 16, 2015


While I hav no artistic ability, I've always enjoyed art :)

It amazes me that people can create things like that ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Jul 16, 2015

Yeah I used to be on there all the time but now I haven't really made a point to in quite a while

Until u reminded me about it ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Jul 16, 2015

Yeah, I haven't been on zerochan in a while but theres a lot of good images there

And I hav a good eye now f/ yrs of turning those images in covers and wallpapers, etc

XxZeroeZxX Jul 16, 2015

Lol don't get carried away *high five*

I didn't create the art

I just adadapted it to be a cover photo

Sometimes I'll retouch stuff a little bit but this one was nice :)