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Let's see what to put here even though its obvious cause it said "insert bio blah blah blah". Well my name is Kevin Harrell, I just recently graduated from my high school. My interests are playing Soccer, Sci-Fi, watching anime and reading manga, hanging out with friends and family, the paranormal and secrets of the universe. I own two cats which are both around 4months old nammed Tabby and Snowball. I started to get into anime truely around the age of 13 but i have seen a good bit before then by some horribly and some great dubs like Sailor Moon series, Big O, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Lupin(highly reccomend) and others. My first anime i saw that i can clearly remeber would have to been Mobile Fighter G Gundam or Rockman(1st series dub). Now when you see my list you probably think i am one of those people who has more time on his hands and uses it to watch anime, well sadly that isnt really true well not anymore. Once after i hit the 9th grade I actually stopped using it in my free time when i wasnt playing DS or watching TV since there wasnt any recreational things in my town. during that year to now i have been playing Soccer again with a small group made by an organization called Upward Bound. I had made more friends who also had and didnt have my liking for anime. Now I wouldnt say that I wasted my middle school year watching anime far from it, if you watch it and think deep each anime and episode taught me something about me the wolrd and life especially DBZ.

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Purity Mar 4, 2010

Fix your Scrapped Princess rating. >_<

sothis Dec 20, 2008

Oo, a manga reader! If you weren't aware, we now have a manga recommendation database up. Check out this thread when you get a chance - I'd love it if you could help us fill in the holes in the DB! :D (which are a lot, we only have about 200 manga up at the moment!)