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*blinks eyes while yawning* Where am I?

THANK YOU AP!!! Who would have thought you could meet your life partner, soul mate and husband on a anime website??

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Danielle3elleinad Jul 20, 2015

Hello there, Sorry to bother you but do you know any really good animes to watch that have a well done story but is also a romance battle Harlem type of thing? XD

Something like Special A and Diabolik lovers combined!

That would be a lot of help! Thank you for your time and it's okay if you don't know. :)

uoruwa Nov 15, 2012

I havn't been on this site in like forever. Thanks for the interest in whats my top anime list, well that is always rotating. But the top faves are not in this order, Death note, Capt tylor, el hazard, lodoss war, rurouni kenshin, Saber Marionette. 

Spence Mar 28, 2011

Hi Rikku,


I've been gone for a day and an age so I thought I'd say hey!

Met your other half eh? Great news!

domoarigato12 Feb 9, 2011

Hey you!! How have you been!?? :)



wolfangel87 Dec 31, 2010