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Quanzhi Fashi

Nov 22, 2017

It had everything anime needs to be great, sadly including a few unneccesary pantyshots and poor sound effects.

The story is about a poor boy in a world of 'elitist' magic users. His magic is stronger than that of all the others (I try to keep it spoilerfree) and he tries to hide this for his surroundings while training hard to become the best. It's predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Animation in general is very fluent but it has stop motion shots now and then. Poor CGI (as in Pokémon) and dialogues/attacks are done in turns. But it has great potential and looks very Japanese! I hope the second season will have a bigger budget to fix the issues it had. On average it was not bad. BUT, monsters slow down conveniently like in almost all anime, and I hate that as it creates forced information dropping in conversations nobody could have at the particular time.

Sound. I am not good at Japanese, that's a fact, but I understand not a thing of Chinese! This is my second anime in Chinese and I think I get used to it slowly. The voices sound nice and I feel emotion from them. But the acters talk taking turns in dialogues whith a too long silence in between which feels forced. The music is alright with a great opening tune! Sound effects are okay but there is this one time the ice-mage falls down with a terrible cliché effect which they repeated exactly the same in a flashback, that's a huge minus!

The characters are nothing special but enjoyable and look unique (but that may also be due to the Chinese style instead of the Japanese one). They look human and act like humans, be it a bit more rude. I know Chinese youth is way more rude on average than Japanese youth (from the few Chinese people I know) and it makes characters more believable. Though the bad-guys have this cringy 'evil laughter' while trying everything in their might to remove the 'trash' from their elite school... Why would they even bother if they're elite and he's thrash? I won't go in debt as I think you should watch it yourself but this is obviously staged for plot convenience.

Overall: There is huge potential in this little series! I would like to see where it goes in a few seasons as this was obviously only an introduction. If they drop the pantyshots and increase the budget on the attack motions and sound editing it could be a masterpiece I think.
I rate it higher than the average of the separate components as there is also this factor called 'viewer's experience' that I value a lot. I enjoyed this work.

For now a solid 7.6, (rounded 8).

7/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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