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Hi all,

Just letting you know that my ratings are a reflection of my enjoyment of a show, and are not neccesarily based on its overall quality.

(also i cant really be bothered analysing a show and giving it the rating it deserves)

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Alexx1230 Jul 23, 2016

Ah okay I'll watch more it just didn't seem that great.

Alexx1230 Jul 15, 2016

just wondering, why wont you watch the original fma and hxh?

Sianeka Jan 28, 2016

0airlegend0 says...  Ok, oh bummer, must have been for copyright. The video wasnt altered in anyway so it must have been found really quickly. The fight is Netero vs Mereum, if you search for that in youtube a good video is bound to come up :)

Thanks for further info so I can find a new link to the video!

Sianeka Jan 26, 2016

0airlegend0 says...  [RE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T5N1NiTsAE]  Oh sorry about that, should have sent a spoiler alert :/, yeah no problem!

No worries!  I'm not concerned.

Oh no! I went to watch it and the link doesn't work any longer.  The video has been taken down.

Sianeka Jan 21, 2016

0airlegend0 says...  Ok, ill definetely watch them soon, thanks for all of these great recomendations btw! 

No worries haha, ill link a fight scene from the new HxH down the bottom, you have to have watched the rest of the show to get the full effect but the animation and symbolism make it awesome in its own right. Yeah jesus DBZ was on a whole other level with those fights, ill never forget waking up early to watch it before school, only to sit through another episode of Goku charging his spirit bomb. I watched Kai recently and they did a great job of trimming the fights to make the show a little more watchable. Gohan turning ss2 for me was the pinnacle of dbz (hence my avatar). As much as I love DBZ though, HxH was what opened my eyes to how great anime can be. How was Bleach? ive heard good and bad things about it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T5N1NiTsAE   This is the most complete video ive found (be warned that it is quite long so I woudnt expect you to watch all of it!)

I'll watch it all later when I have some more spare time than I do now, but my quick preview of it showed some really good animation there!!  I was concerned about spoilers, since this is actually episodes from the show, but they are so far ahead of where I am now, that I won't remember them when I continue watching, so all is good.  Thanks for sharing!