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"Completely underrated, from what seams to be a simple situation comedy, turns into a well constructed drama about deep issues that torment us not only as teenagers but adults as well. A good laugh is guaranteed with the bonus of being something more then that, smart, intelligent and well delivered. Must see"          -Macedos39 from aniDB.net

I couldn't put this in any better words myself, so i thought i would put that quote in here.

This has to be my favorite anime of all time, you get attatched to each character as the show goes on. The multiple couples in it really keeps the show alive and making you want more. I can't wait for a second season.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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Inherit Jun 25, 2013

Good anime but honestly, Nanami and Sorata ruined the whole anime; they were so poorly developed. They had no logic, they were inconsiderate, and above everything else they were the biggest crybabies in the whole show.

I agree with what you rated it but I'll give characters 5/10 for making two of the important characters in the show the worst ones.

RingoStarr1991 Jun 25, 2013

I really liked this show as well but it does not (in my opinion) deserve a 10/10. I thought it started to drag towards the end and the sheer amount of melodrama really off put me in certain sections.

Leetzor Jun 10, 2013

That quote is indeed the perfect description for this anime , at least in my opinion !