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XxZeroeZxX May 19, 2013

Yeah I was never really a fan to begin w/ so not my cup of tea...

U see the newest Hentai Ouji? Didn't expect that show to bring about the end of the world lol

XxZeroeZxX May 10, 2013

Always (or at least it's a sad day when that's not the case)

Outside of the outrageously popular Titan, I'm really liking Gargantia and Yahari (Oregairu) and Oreimo finally picked back up. Really it's a strong watch list this season not a true "bad" show in the bunch (well Photo Kano for the lols, but it's not that bad)

XxZeroeZxX May 10, 2013

Frankly I find it hilarious that anyone could actually like AnoNatsu if for literally nothing else than that god awful ending lol

Anyway, yeah AnoHana's as good as it gets, when comes to those sort of emotional SoL drama type shows you won't find better

XxZeroeZxX May 9, 2013

So what's new buddy? Watching anything interesting?

XxZeroeZxX Apr 26, 2013

I would recommend Hentai Ouji from this season, it's more ech silly than Sakurasou but the characters (at least the female characters) are similar in that they both hav some baggage that it seems they'll hav to get through.

Sakurasou and Papakiki at 5 stars, that's very commendable indeed.