Yun Tian Kong

Yun Tian Kong
Yun Tian Kong is best known for being the author of Legend of Phoenix. for being the author & artist of X Epoch of Dragon.
I this person

Known for


Author & Artist

X Epoch of Dragon
  • Vol: 7+; Ch: 95+
  • 2016 - ?

Author (only)

Legend of Phoenix
  • Ch: 100+
  • 2014 - ?

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ShigSamm397 Aug 28, 2021

Are you ever gonna start Legend of Pheonix volume 2?

RedMysticMillenia Jan 10, 2019

Dude just one request your novel x epoch of dragon story is all good except male lead of that you made him crappy and not overpower ability thats all his character shows him a puny guy after 3 reincarnation and yet stills he's puny powerless ...all i want to say that the male lead is powerless almost of people like over powered character yet you trying to mock your story's male lead that all ...dont taje it personally im just true reader and true fan ....p.s.

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