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DShdw Jul 5, 2021

The Beginning After The End also has a wonderfull novel with 8 volumes but, it has not been added to Anime Planet yet, someone please do it. 

Ninjawillo360 May 23, 2021

TurtleMe is a masochist who enjoys terrorizing the fans of his light novel by somehow making litteraly every chapter end on a cliffhanger and then proceeding to not talk about it for 15 chapters as we watch the pov of some unimportant side charechter who was in like 1 chapter 3 books ago also Tess on top Carea supporters are cringe turtle please give tess some love im begging you.

gitsup Apr 12, 2021

Super good book Turtle-sama

Volpe87 May 21, 2020

Turtle sensei is the best check out his patreon along with official site for TBATE for latest announcements and etc.