Redice Studio

Aka: 레드아이스 스튜디오

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xjimoanx May 31, 2022


Arryanbsjk226 Mar 23, 2022

Nano machine was also done by them.

Jamp5267 Feb 14, 2022

I thought <...Challenger> and  <... Maxed Lv Newbie> has the same artist because of the same artstyle. (<MLN>'s mc and <Challenger>'s mc' s avatar has the same face.)

szcamy Jan 15, 2022

Amo essa pessoa, conheci por solo leveling e agora estão fazendo a arte de chakho <3

rizkarmy27 Dec 31, 2021

The Return Of The Disaster-Class Hero is theirs too...

I like it very much..

Since the Lee Geon (MC)'s face is similar to Sung Jinwoo (Solo Leveling MC) and Seo Jooheon (Tomb Raider King MC).

Unfortunately, Solo Leveling has end within 179 chapters and I was so wondering why 179? Why not 180 for sure?...