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Tales of Demons and Gods
  • Ch: 232+
  • 2015 - ?

Author (only)

Star Martial God Technique
  • Ch: 264+
  • 2016 - ?
Star Martial God Technique (Light Novel)
  • Ch: 335
  • 2016
Cult of the Sacred Runes (Light Novel)
  • Ch: 667
  • 2015
Yaoshenji (Light Novel)
  • Ch: 483+
  • 2015 - ?
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World (Light Novel)
  • Ch: 995
  • 2010 - 2011

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jfyemman May 15, 2019

i don't know how to read this, i'm curious about yaoshenji why is that there's chapter 483? i cant find it in the web. i dont know how can i read this in this site. pls help 

PharuanUndearth Jan 8, 2019

Jia San Shao Tang is just as bad, this dude's got like eight different Works going at the same time and he doesn't really finish one at all. Hell he took off to do some sort of weirdo fantasy thing I have no idea where he's at right now.

MuffinsKopp May 15, 2017

Wtf is this up with Mad Snail? Stop starting new projects then quit before you end them, 1 chapter monthly TDG, and SMGT stopped? Get your lazy snail brain back at work! No-one wants to translate anything you make anymore because you dug your own grave

Kirora Mar 26, 2017

Love your work👍🙂

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