Mad Snail

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Star Martial God Technique
  • Ch: 320+
  • 2016 - ?
Star Martial God Technique (Novel)
  • Ch: 335
  • 2016
Cult of the Sacred Runes (Novel)
  • Ch: 667
  • 2015
Tales of Demons and Gods
  • Ch: 262+
  • 2015 - ?
Yaoshenji (Novel)
  • Ch: 483+
  • 2015 - ?
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World (Novel)
  • Ch: 995
  • 2010 - 2011

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SamIchi Jan 29, 2020

I like his stories, really do; I hate him as an author, his lack of commitment and respect for his fans is disgusting. If you're thinking about reading any of his works, look up if he's finished it, after that check out what the readers feedback was. I was baited a few times; I will not ever read any of his works that aren't finished. Out of all his works I'll still be reading TDG because I've committed a lot of time on it. I started reading it a long time ago and I kinda wanna see how he finishes it (if he finishes it). The Author is in all honesty just lazy, he faked a relatives illness just to start a new story without backlash for slowing down his in-progress works and the cherry on top is that he ended up dropping the story he started (SMGT). He’s infamous for dropping multiple stories cause he got bored or just lacks motivation. In my opinion it's not worth reading anything except for maybe Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World which isn't all that bad and it's the only one he's properly finished.

sainz7 Nov 25, 2019

Kamu bangun sebuah proyek fantasimu. Sebelum selesai sebuah proyek. Seolah kamu tinggalkan begitu saja dengan membangun sebuah proyek lainnya.bagaimana kami harus membaca proyek kamu yang baru sedangkan yang lama belum terselesaikan.proyek belum selesai kamu sudah bangun sebuah game gimana kita tertarik main game sedangkan alur cerita belum selesai.kapan tales of demons and god dapat perhatian kamu lagi sudah terlalu lama menanti dan juga tidak ada perubahan.

saci46 Oct 18, 2019

I hope someday Mr Mad snail will read this.
I really want to say thank you for writing Yaoshenji and TDG. It really touched me because somehow I could relate myself with it. This is the story that I'd been searching for. Thank you for writing this story.
I understand you are busy with some other stories or maybe with your personal life. Still, I have a request, please DON'T ABANDON this story. I hope I am not asking much but I really love this story. 
Thanks again :)

jfyemman May 15, 2019

i don't know how to read this, i'm curious about yaoshenji why is that there's chapter 483? i cant find it in the web. i dont know how can i read this in this site. pls help 

PharuanUndearth Jan 8, 2019

Jia San Shao Tang is just as bad, this dude's got like eight different Works going at the same time and he doesn't really finish one at all. Hell he took off to do some sort of weirdo fantasy thing I have no idea where he's at right now.

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