JQ is best known for being the author of The Boy and the Sea, Boys are Boys, The Devil's Descendants, Springtime for Blossom, and The Unwanted Roommate.
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Summer Is Hot!
  • Ch: 48+
  • 2020 - ?
Springtime for Blossom
  • Ch: 34
  • 2019
The Devil's Descendants
  • Ch: 48
  • 2019
Boys are Boys
  • Ch: 38
  • 2018 - 2019
The Boy and the Sea
  • Ch: 32
  • 2018
The Unwanted Roommate
  • Ch: 19
  • 2018

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taqimok Jul 6, 2021

Hi! Just read Springtime for Blossom and was wondering if there will be a sequence to it, it was such a good read and i wish it was longer tbh since theres many parts to the story where it felt rushed etc... but i enjoyed every chapter! keep up the good work. ill be sure to check your other stuff out for the time being!

Haeru445 Sep 10, 2020

Is there a continuation for the springtime for blossom ?because there's so many things you can add to the story.its limitless,you can add where a transfer student seduce Matthew and blossom will going to prove her love to Matthew.you can add where Matthew's parents wants to surprise Matthew that they have another vacation but ended up seeing Matthew cuddling with blossom that would be nice too.

Well it's up to the author if he/she wants to make a next chapter of it because I'm telling you it is a nice story

Diego1986 Aug 27, 2020

Will there be continuation? If there are, I would be very excited to read. Some things were pending in the story like, what happens to Sam, that man who gives the money to Blossom (it seems to be her father, more will know), what happens to Mia (ends up in prison or if she goes back to if revenge "an idea"), what happens to Blossom and Matthew now that they are together ... These are things that remained in the air. I really hope there is a new story telling all this and more ...

vwrvgwrvgr Aug 13, 2020


I thought the story Springtime for Blossom was the best, but the ending was too open. Could you please make a follow-up to the story of how they evolve as a couple would be really cool.

PIKMIN124 Jun 4, 2020

I really loved your 5 works, but I would like you to continue with "Springtime for Blossom" Not only because it was the one I liked the most but also because it was the one you left the most open end, you could now how is your life as a couple (obviously in a spring) and because recently it was 1 year since you got on Toomic and believe me if you do a second part I buy it as soon as it comes out

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