Hiroshi WAKAO

Aka: 若尾 博司

Hiroshi WAKAO

Hiroshi Wakao is a former colorist and producer and the founder and first president of animation studio SHAFT.

Wakao originally joined Mushi Production around December of 1963, about three months before his junior Yoshiyuki Tomino, where he worked as a production assistant on Astro Boy (1963). According to Tomino, Wakao was promoted to production desk around August of 1964. Wakao stayed with Mushi Pro up until the late 60s or early 70s. After Mushi Pro, he moved to or founded coloring studio Adlib, which may or may not be related to photography studio Adlib that existed right after the coloring studio.

In 1975, he founded SHAFT as a coloring studio with other members of Adlib. He established new departments in the studio and gradually grew it, most notably creating its first animation team in 1980 and having in-house directors around 1995.

In 1995, Mitsutoshi Kubota, a colorist who joined the studio in 1980, took over as managing director of the company; and in 2004, Wakao retired as president and Wakao succeeded him. Although retired, he has since stayed as a member of SHAFT's board of directors.


  • Mushi Production (1963 ~ 1970)
  • Adlib (1970 ~ 1975)
  • President of SHAFT (September 9, 1975 – 2004)
  • Board member of SHAFT (2004 – present)
Hiroshi WAKAO is best known for being the color design of 21 Emon Uchuu e Irasshai!, Doraemon Movie 3: Nobita's Great Demon, Doraemon Movie 2: Nobita no Uchuu Kaitakushi, and Unico.
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Known for


Color Design

Doraemon Movie 3: Nobita's Great Demon
  • Movie (1 ep)
  • 1982
21 Emon Uchuu e Irasshai!
  • Movie (1 ep x 92 min)
  • 1981
Doraemon Movie 2: Nobita no Uchuu Kaitakushi
  • Movie (1 ep)
  • 1981
  • Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
  • 1981


Sakura Diaries
  • OVA (12 eps x 22 min)
  • 1997
Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger
  • TV (39 eps)
  • 1995 - 1996

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