Vol: 13; Ch: 83
2002 - 2011
3.74 out of 5 from 913 votes
Rank #7,839

Michiru Kita is a girl with an unusual ability: when she notices dark rings around the necks of two of her classmates - rings that are invisible to any normal person - she knows that their lives are at risk. She decides to approach them, in order to warn them or help them in some way, but soon discovers that there is more to the two boys than even her eyes could see. They are zombies, working for the mysterious company known as Z-Loan in order to pay their debts. And so Michiru finds herself helping the short-tempered Chika and the cold, indifferent Shito in ways that she'd never have imagined - fighting off illegal zombies to collect their bounties! But these illegal zombies, usually very basic and driven by instinct, seem to be getting more intelligent each time...

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This is an awesome manga! This is my all-time favorite. I love it because it's so unique. It has a lot of elements that appear generic, but totally catch you by surprise. Lately, it seems that there are a lot of very predictable manga. You see two guy characters and a girl character that are forced together by fate, and the first thing you think is "reverse harem", or that there's going to be a love triangle. In this manga, it's different. Someone's undead, shouldn't they angst about it? There are bishounen, so isn't there fanservice? Weak-willed female character, doesn't she stay that way until the end?  This manga doesn't listen to stereotypes. It DESTROYS them.  That's over-all. As for the story, art and characters: I like the story. Very much. The twists in it are nothing less than epic. And I like how it's episodic, yet there's an underlying plot, and all the different episodes give little hints to that plot. This isn't exactly rare, but there are some manga that are completely episodic, or move very slowly. That drives me crazy. Some people enjoy this, but not me. I'm giving an opinionated review, I know. The art is quite nice. It's not too detailed, and not too simple. I appreciate the use of negative space, and also how the backgrounds are done. Something that's endearing is that rather than using chibi-style for humorous or awkward moments, it uses a simple, sketch-like style instead.  The characters are amazing. They feel more real than a lot of manga characters. They aren't "flat", so to speak. they have a lot of depth, and surprise you the way real people do, by doing out-of-character, yet believable things. Love them. Love. Ahem. Anyway, you should read this. You will not regret it. 


I first got into Zombie-Loan quite a while ago and watched a few episodes of the anime then forgot about it. Then later, I remembered about it again and watched the rest of the anime. By that time, I'd started getting into manga more than anime, so I started reading the manga. The anime is very close to the manga, no fillers or anything. As I read the manga more, I came to love it more. The story can get a bit complicated at parts, but overall it's really exciting, and often chapters end on a cliffhanger, leaving me waiting eagerly for the next chapter to be released. There are hints of romance, although they're quite subtle, but there is some obvious romance between Chika and Michiru (although Chika is a bit too dense to realise his crush on her) and some 'romance' between Shito and Michiru. I think Shito thinks of Michiru as a motherly figure, but maybe that's just me. The characters are also well thought out, the main characters are likeable and the 'bad guys' are devilish and evil. As I said above, the hints of affection between the characters is one of my favourite aspects of ZL. There's also the A-Loan, Z-Loan's rivals who start out being annoying, but eventually I started to like them too. The more the story progresses, the more secrets of the characters are revealed.The art is great, I enjoy reading ZL and seeing Chika's cheeky face. :P The drawings are really good, far better than anything I could draw, and a lot better than some of the other mangas I've read.To put it simply, I think Zombie-Loan is amazing. I reccomend it to anyone who likes supernatural manga, or for anyone who likes manga with less shoujo-ish romance.

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