Vol: 20; Ch: 226
2002 - 2014
4.052 out of 5 from 737 votes
Rank #3,030

Jin is an energetic young boy living in a shanty town and making ends meet by performing good deeds for money. However, when his mentor dies during a fight with a strange monster he finally learns the meaning of death. Having been taken in by a stripper named Akemi whom he once saved, Jin begins to live a quiet and normal life - though in reality he is anything but ordinary. With superhuman abilities and a group of mysterious men searching for him under the name of Zet, over the years Jin finds himself drawn into a world of creatures with dangerous powers called "Players". But what is Jin really, and with his vicious methods of defeating these threats, is he really a hero for justice or simply another dangerous monster?

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Drahken Oct 2, 2009
Score 1.2/10

This series started out really good, I would have rated the first part 4 stars or more. After a while though it made a huge shift in plot & characters, and seemed like a completely unrelated series. That part sucked major balls, and should be given a negative rating. If I had the capacity to give the series 2 seperate ratings, I would give the first part very high ones (probably 8/10), but the later part... read more

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EDFF May 14, 2012
Score 9/10

Zetman is about Justice.

But what is impressive about Zetman is the way it chooses two characters, completely different from each other, puts them side by side and lets us see how their ideas of justice are similar and different. They have the same goals, but what is most precious to them, what they decide to sacrifice to achieve their 
goals are very different.

Jin is a superhuman known... read more

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