Zero (Seimaru AMAGI)

Alt title: Zero: Kage Miko

Vol: 7; Ch: 61
2014 - 2017
3.566 out of 5 from 30 votes
Rank #9,795
Zero (Seimaru AMAGI)

College student Sara Washizuki was shown a mysterious film photograph by paranormal photographer Tousei Ryuuzaki. In it was captured something she had left sealed away with her memories of a particular incident in her elementary school days…

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I thought I would throw up a quick review, as I just finished reading to the end of all 7 volumes. THIS IS A SPIN OFF FROM THE "FATAL FRAME" GAME SERIES Zero(Rei) Kage Miko - {the English name "Fatal Frame: Shadow Priestess" comes from the fact the protagonist utilizes a Camera Obscura and as it is part of the "Fatal Frame" series} Written by Shin Kibayashi under the penname Seimaru Amagi. The story focusses on Sara Washizuki, a descendant of Shadow Priestesses of Mt Kegare, returning to her childhood home with her architecture class for an obscure "field trip". Her mountain village is plagued by a curse thought to stem from the evil spirits that are supposed to be sealed away inside Mt Kegare. The trip was instigated by a paranomal photographer, Tousei Ryuzaki, giving photos to Sara which are seen by her professor, Suisei Koutari. Koutari-sensei thinks the architecure of a dilapidated school would be worth visiting, with the added bonus of free lodgings courtesy of Sara's family home (the village shrine). I shall not delve any further, as I do not intend to reveal any spoilers. Thank you for reading. The progress is a bit slow, and takes the protagonist, until ~chapter 56 to figure out who the Necromancer is which was obnoxiously obvious early on in the story...They tried another twist regarding the identity of a certain character, but I'll leave that for you all to figure out. Perhaps I have simply read too many thrillers for an unsuspected plot twist to be possible? Nope - definitely not in this case. I won't fault the author, as the overall story was still enjoyable enough for me to wish for an extra volume to elaborate on a few things that were resolved (I enjoy back stories, especially in "horror" manga). I adored the artwork and the scenes with the spirits were graphic - the only way I can justify giving this a decent rating.

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