Yuusha Shoukougun (Light Novel)

Alt title: Hero Syndrome (Light Novel)

Vol: 1+
2023 - ?
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Yuusha Shoukougun (Light Novel)

Go out and exterminate the [Heroes] who seek retribution against the world. Heroes, a special force that saves the world. Within the dreams of boys and girls, they are lauded as heroes. Boys and girls, lauded as “heroes” within their dreams, were simply defeating monsters by order of the beautiful goddess. All while ignorant of the monsters’ being *humans*. [Heroes], a special force that destroys the world. Parasitized by the mysterious creature known as “Goddess”, the dreaming Boys and Girls changed into mindless beasts dedicated to massacre. Devoid of malice, of hostility. Simply a one-sided, endless war driven solely by justice. This balance was maintained by 〚Charon〛, an elite hero extermination unit spearheaded by the Boy Azuma. One day, the Girl Kaguya, who was researching on how to revert [Heroes] into humans, was ordered to join the group 〚Charon〛. However, for Azuma and the rest of the unit who had lost everything in a past disaster, Kaguya’s existence was difficult to accept. The Boy who wishes to bring down the heroes, the Girl who wishes to save the heroes. The two clash and together they proceed to the battlefield――!

Source: NU

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