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Sep 6, 2015

Yuureitou is not finished yet, so I'm basically writing this review just because there's no synopsis nor tag. The story follows young Taichi and Tetsuo, as they try to solve the mystery of a ghost clock tower and find the hidden treasure, around 1950. Taichi is a poor NEET of the time, who can barely afford living expenses and thus is mesmerised when seemingly randomly he meets Tetsuo, who is beautiful, charming and seems to have lots of money. As one mystery is solved another is posed and the story unravels in horror, some gore and explanations that can have the reader on the edge of their sit. There are also posed questions regarding gender identity, sexuality and society's treatment to the outliers.

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Sep 16, 2023

(Spoilers) The plot is a very poorly excuted thriller with a painfully bad twist villian, it is extremely edgy and gruesome for the sake of being edgy and gruesome. Points in the story feel fetishistic such as when one of the antagonists forces the mc to cross dress and then paints his nipples with lip stick (??). The mysteries felt contrived and strange and overall the only thing that kept me reading was Tetsuo. Tetsuo was a fairly straight to the point well done trans character throughout, and I enjoyed his relationship with the mc and their development and the mc grew to understand Tetsuo as a man and the fluidity within gender, and I felt like his struggles were well written. The climax of the manga was truly the straw that broke the camels back because a side character  who's like a police officer and implied to be the twist villian isn't the twist villian he's just a pedophile necrophile that engages in sex trafficking and no one is grossed out by that no one thinks its fucked up he is treated as a heroic character who just dreams of a world where people of all genders and sexualities can be treated equally. I did find  it funny when the girl tries to seduce him and he's like "EW WOMEN".  It is revealed that this character is attracted to Tetsuo because he looks boyish which I found just unintentionally tragic that despite being a transitioned trans man the people around him are all attracted to him because of his femininity. It was also just incredibly dissappointing when the twist villian was revealed and I didn't know who the fuck they were because they were that much of a side character. Overall sucks dick and balls.

2/10 story
5/10 art
7/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Jul 17, 2023

sawamura tetsuo, the deuteragonist, is the best and most realistic transgender guy in manga/anime/fiction i've ever read. the experience seeing yourself after your first "boy's" haircut, fearing/hiding your period, binding your chest, facing familial abuse, the agony of being forced to wear "girl's" clothing and not being able to cut your hair, the pain of other men not recognizing you as one of their own, etc., it's just so real. tetsuo has set my standards high for trans men in manga/anime, and no other trans male character thus far has surpassed him.

i still have the screencaps i took years ago saved in my files of certain scenes that really hit me:

... and i have more screenshots but really you should just experience this manga for yourself.

since the mangaka isn't transgender (which is honestly kinda surprising; they really did their research) there are some inaccuracies in this story (your voice post-testosterone won't revert back to a higher/"feminine" register if you stop taking hormones, for example). and a few panels have wonky proportions & some story arcs are better than others. but i definitely recommend this manga to any transgender guy. i've re-read this manga over and over again.

HOWEVER. yuureitou's full of gore and, to quote this review, "underage incestuous sexual assault (and all of those separately), sexualised violence, just a lot of violence in general, people becoming Crazy and Violent, Trans Woman Twisted By Desire To Be A Woman, so much transphobia and homophobia, the one gay dude is kinda misogynistic and also into teen boys, did I mention how much the art is into Tetsuo's boobs"

there's transmisogyny (meaning i couldn't recommend this series to any trans women i know) and the most prominent gay character (besides the protagonists) is a pedophile. if you can't stomach the triggering stuff in this story, i do not blame you. it's amazing and horrible at the same time.

9/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 1, 2023

Beautiful art and interesting trans character but storywise, it was pretty confusing to understand and draggy.....

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Sep 30, 2023


That's not one of the wholesome queer manga, be warned about that.
But then again... what would you expect looking at the genres and the synopsis.

I even don't really know how to write a review on this without spoilering, but I try to.
The Ghost Tower / Yuureitou is a manga that I have never or very rarely seen in that form and truly one of a kind. It's a perfect mix of a noir-mystery and queer horror that is written in such a compelling manner. The atmosphere itself is mesmerzing and fascinating. The whole setting is made for me, because I'm a sucker for all things steampunk, dark academia and co. and the setting including the clothes people wear: I love it. This thing is made for me haha. chefskiss
Also the mystery was a lot of fun to read and I enjoyed how queer this manga has been and it felt it's a very natural part of it, but it's also hard describing the story in detail since I don't want to set a spoiler-tag either.
Let me conclude the whole manga by describing it as beautifully fucked up; in a very good way I want to add. The mangaka also surely knows how to pull off an intense horror atmosphere.
In general, I really need more queer horror manga, if that's actually a thing and not only a rare phenomenon of the very few manga I stumbled into ...?

The second main character Tetsuo is absolutely compelling too and really fascinating to read. He is complex, very charming and interesting and has a lot of grey morality to him, but he is also to me as a reader very approachable and I can understand where his motivations are coming from. He is capable of some gruesome actions, but we also see he's anything but a monster either... And damn, he's also looking fine af.
And while the protagonist is Taichi and he's okay as a protagonist, Tetsuo really steals the spotlight from him. Not saying that Taichi is a bad protagonist tho, I've been okay with him and he developed an interesting relationship with Tetsuo.

What I don't like is how Tetsuo's body pre-transitioning is portrayed in a sexualized way and I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, sure quite lot of trans and non-binary people, including me, don't really have strong body dysphoria and liked their body before they transitioning (and I don't even know, if I plan to), but I don't know if I got the impression that Tetsuo is comfortable with this. He gives me mixed feelings about this.
I still might add that this sexualization doesn't look like in any random, cheap ecchi. It rather has a rough and mature tone to it and reminds me more of actual noir-media too. It's not that typical panty shot or anything you would typically see in most ecchis, and also emphasizes a lot on portraying Tetsuo's charme and personality.

Aside that, I overall like how the manga handles the trans topic and includes it into its story. Tetsuo being a trans man is an important part of the story and his character motivations aka why he does things he does (without going into spoiler territory), but there is much more to Tetsuo's whole character too, and he's beautiful and fascinating in lot of ways to me, while not being the most morally white protagonist either.
There are also some other interesting characters as well, which are not all likeable either, but they are compelling and interesting too, so you will see for yourself.

The art itself adds a lot to the noir-atmosphere that I enjoyed a lot, and looks absolutely gorgeous. It's fitting the manga's themes and genres a lot, but it's not too dark and edgy per se, it's just... yes, a bit more realistic, not photo-realistic tho, with a bit of dark grey tones that are fitting the noir setting and the mystery and of course the murders.

Aside from some minor issues, I fell in love with this manga.

9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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