Yuuraku-chou Obake Dagashiya (Light Novel)

Vol: 10
2014 - 2017
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Yuuraku-chou Obake Dagashiya (Light Novel)

About to start a new chapter in his life as a college freshman in Tokyo and trying to find an apartment to stay in, Mijou Kanata comes across real estate broker Nekome Jirou, who informs him of a special property in the Yuurakuchou district: a room with its own kitchen and toilet, and a monthly rent of 40,000 yen. Surprised by the relatively cheap rent (by Tokyo standards), Kanata signs on the rental agreement and is ushered to the property by Jirou. However, instead of the lively yet congenial district in Tokyo that he was expecting, Kanata is taken to a different Yuurakuchou: a town where ayakashi walk the streets, a place that sits between this world and the next…

Source: Square Enix

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