Yume no Soko

Vol: 1; Ch: 10
3.579 out of 5 from 50 votes
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Yume no Soko

A girl falls into a coma and finds herself at an odd convenience store managed by a talking furry creature. In the land where dreams are made, on the brink of life and death, the girl watches and learns from the whimsical creatures she comes across.

Source: MU

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First off, I just want to say that the art really struck a chord with me. I can't really pinpoint why; I just like it. The characters are all short with circular heads and tiny, spaced-out eyes. Often, there are sparce backgrounds and empty space, which effectively portrays the insubstantial nature of the world. You see, this isn't reality, but it's not quite the afterlife either. It's sort of an in-between place. A place where dreams are made and distributed by carriers (tiny little animal people) to the sleeping people in the real world. Our protagonist is a young girl who finds femself in this world after having fallen into a coma. Fe meets the manager of a convenience store and a young boy named Satoru who likewise fell into a coma several years back. Sometimes, lingering feelings (not quite "souls," but something adjacent to them) will visit the convenience store, wanting some kind of closure. But there's nothing they can do for them, so the manager offers to at least preserve these feelings in bottles. If there's any moral to this story, it's that being remembered and remembering others that have passed on...is good. We learn about the regrets which Satoru and the manager have. We also learn about how the girl had always felt emotionally distant and disconnected in the real world. And one by one, each character finds closure as their stories are resolved. I should mention that what I initially enjoyed about the manga was the world-building and nihilistic sense that everything they were doing served no purpose--that this world simply existed and time melded ad infinitum. So I honestly didn't really care for all these attempts to add meaningfulness and closure to the experiences.


Well, this was a rather confusing and psychological manga. I normally like manga like this but sadly, this one just felt a little stiff. A young girl ends up falling asleep and goes to a convenient store that has cans of feelings that should never be opened. The manga might have had a deeper meaning behind it but I just felt like it was slightly bland. I mean, the stories that this young girl has are pretty good when they talk about what happens when You die with feelings still not spoken but having the girl sleeping in a coma and yet still in her room… I think if I was her mother, I would have already called the hospital by now. The girl (We never get her name) just keeps sleeping on and on without showing any sign of even wanting to wake up even after seeing her mother sleeping right next to her because she doesn’t want to leave her daughter’s side.There was also an extra chapter that just didn’t feel like it was part of anything and just was supposed to be for laughs. I really didn’t like that it ended with the chapter because it took away from the meaning of the whole manga.The artwork is clunky, with sketch marks all over but then they have very thin lines with white or black backgrounds. I didn’t really like how rounded the characters heads were or the sketchiness of the details though I do give the artist props for how much was in some of the panels. I just wish they had more detail in the other panels. I wouldn’t really read this manga again. It wasn’t all that special and just sort of fell flat, especially with the extra chapter.

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