Yume Nikki

Alt title: Dream Diary

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
2013 - 2014
2.841 out of 5 from 110 votes
Rank #18,963
Yume Nikki

Madotsuki is a girl who always dreams of the same landscape. One day, she decides to start exploring her dreams, searching for answers. There are some doors in her dreams. When she opens them, she finds all kinds of things...

Source: MU

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Warning this review may contain spoilers Yume Nikki, that one RPG pixel games that you can never stop hearing about in the pixel game community as one of the most popular of the genre. The psychological string of strange worlds we see within the game is presented quite well in this manga but not all of them are in the manga, as hardcore fans of the games may find a bit disappointing. Anyway let's get started with this review. STORY So being a fan of the game myself this manga imposes a huge question, where is the rest of it? But comparing it to a full game is quite a stretch being fitting a game of this length in such a short manga is quite a big ask but rushing the story of the game to get to the final scenes was a bit much.    ART Just like the game, it is quite a strange art style but it fits in with the distorted theme of the manga but it does take some getting use to. But honestly, I think the art represented the style of the manga very well, as well as the style of the game. In this case, high marks all around for the art. CHARACTERS Now the characters are slightly harder to explain without ruining the story, let's just talk about out the main girl in that case then. Madotsuki is who we follow in this distorted mess of a manga, a stay-in who we don't find much about and here is where the manga falls flat on its face. So many characters are introduced but we have no chance of finding out who they really are, we hardly find out anything about our main girl. This was a major downfall for me and brought my personal score of the game adaption right down. In conclusion, it is a niche manga and only some people may enjoy it but it is nothing compared to the game and I would rather recommend the game to people than this manga. I have yet to read the Light novel so my opinion on this series may be brought back up again but for now, that ends another one of my reviews. -AngelBeatsYui- PS-This is a review for the DMMC July-August 2016

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