Yukikaze: Meiji Ishu Kakutouden

Alt title: Yukikaze White Wind: The Legend of Meiji Era Martial Arts

Vol: 4; Ch: 43
2014 - 2015
3.506 out of 5 from 33 votes
Rank #25,524
Yukikaze: Meiji Ishu Kakutouden

The year is Meiji 17, 1884. The place, Tokyo. Genemon Sakuragi is searching for a “man of valor” according to his master’s order! One night, Genemon spots a mysterious young man fighting with three ruffians! Genemon is captivated by the Mysterious Punches of the young man, named Fuutaro Yukimura. What is this “martial art” that Fuutaro Yukimura uses so freely?! And what of the exhibition match that Marquis Tenzen Shibahara wishes to hold….?! What is the strongest weaponless martial art of Meiji Era Tokyo?! The curtain now rises on the martial arts conflict of the age…!!

Source: MU

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