Yuki no Touge Tsurugi no Mai

Alt title: now Ridge, Sword Dance

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
1999 - 2000
3.449 out of 5 from 11 votes
Rank #10,084
Yuki no Touge Tsurugi no Mai

The closing stages of Sengoku (Warring States) Japan. A setting commonly explored in Japanese manga through vivid scenes of gory battles, samurai, and feats of bravery, honour, and loyalty. Iwaaki Hitoshi dares to go against the popular grain by not focusing on the 3 famous unifiers, but by depicting stories of a society in transition. Rapidly changing cultural norms and class expectations pit the old versus the young, the war-weary versus the war-mongers, and the parochial versus the foward-thinking. The first story, "Snow Ridge," explores the changing role of samurai and provinces while the second story, "Sword Dance," deals with kendo's evolution from warfare to art.

Source: MU

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PowerUpOrDie Feb 10, 2018
Score 4/10

I'm a sucker for all things related to the samurai, but this manga left me with a decidedly "meh" impression. You may have read that the samurai came to an end in the Satsuma Rebellion of 1877, but in truth they many 'deaths' and 'rebirths' before that. The samurai class served many different roles throughout Japanese history, ranging from tax collectors, to bureaucrats, to soldiers, to military... read more


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