Yu Yu Hakusho

Vol: 19; Ch: 175
1990 - 1994
4.345 out of 5 from 1,953 votes
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Yu Yu Hakusho

Yuusuke is a street-fighting, class-skipping juvenile delinquent. Killed in an unexpected act of kindness, he thwarts the spirit-world bureaucracy and ends up with a second chance at life... as infant prince of death Koenma's Spirit Detective! Simultaneously cheered on and kept in line by Keiko Yukimura, his childhood friend, he is joined by a spiritually aware human, two demons on parole, and guided by a much too lively ferry girl of the dead. Together they plow through demons, tournaments, hijinks, intense "martial arts" training, cross-dressers, dungeons, conspiracies and bad puns alike. At the end of the day, what's it all for? Kicking butt and saving the world, of course!

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FSM Feb 27, 2015
Score 10/10

One of the quintessential pillars of modern shounen as well as one of it's best examples, Yu Yu Hakusho is a true classic that countless authors reference to this day.

Creative and bald writing, complex protagonists as well as antagonists and trademark humor elevate this series above the rest. If not for the infamous circumstances surrounding the abrupt ending, it could have gone on for much longer... read more

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